Saturday, April 28, 2012


Like every day, I found myself laughing a Nolan today.  He is so silly and simple.  Just his looks and actions can make me smile.  His cute little noises, funny hand gestures (that he doesn't know he is doing), and his big attitude for such a small guy all add up to tons of fun. 

But there was a moment today when I just stood there cracking up at him.  We had just finished lunch and I was trying to clean up the kitchen and mop the floor.  As I was filling the mop bucket, I turned to look at him in his highchair and found myself busting up laughing. 

I had given him his toy to play with but he wasn't playing with it.  No, instead he had carefully placed it sitting next to him and facing out.  He also had his hand folded (which they aren't in the photos because I was laughing so much I distracted him) like he was waiting ever so patiently for something. 

After I stopped laughing at him, I said to him, "You are such a perfect little boy!!!"  And that he really is, PERFECT!

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