Saturday, April 28, 2012


Like every day, I found myself laughing a Nolan today.  He is so silly and simple.  Just his looks and actions can make me smile.  His cute little noises, funny hand gestures (that he doesn't know he is doing), and his big attitude for such a small guy all add up to tons of fun. 

But there was a moment today when I just stood there cracking up at him.  We had just finished lunch and I was trying to clean up the kitchen and mop the floor.  As I was filling the mop bucket, I turned to look at him in his highchair and found myself busting up laughing. 

I had given him his toy to play with but he wasn't playing with it.  No, instead he had carefully placed it sitting next to him and facing out.  He also had his hand folded (which they aren't in the photos because I was laughing so much I distracted him) like he was waiting ever so patiently for something. 

After I stopped laughing at him, I said to him, "You are such a perfect little boy!!!"  And that he really is, PERFECT!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nine Months

It has been a full nine months since I met my little boy for the very first time.  I can't believe how quickly the last nine months have gone.  In a blink of an eye they have flown by me.  Of course, the nine months it took for our little man to develop in the womb didn't go this fast.  No, I was laid up with a tube in my back praying for time to move faster.  Now the time will not slow down. 

I sit and look around my house.  I have piles of pictures, announcements, cards, and mementos to scrapbook - I just have no time.  There are toys lined up across the wall, sprawling out of the toy box boxes (yes, there are two), in my car, and piled in his room.  Clothes, well lets just say this, my washer could be broken for a month and he wouldn't have to worry about what he was going to wear.  Yes, in a matter of a few short months, my son has taken over my house, my car, and well - my life.

I wouldn't have it any other way though.  This little boy has brought so much joy to our lives, words can't even begin to explain.  I wake up everyday and can't wait to see what happiness he brings.  In a matter of a few seconds after I wake, he makes me smile.  His sweet little grin and his twinkling eyes, ahh I just love him. 

My days go faster, my to do list grows faster than before, my thoughts are surely more frazzled, and finding TIME is basically impossible... but I love this crazy, unpredictable life.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Why?  Because I have my little boy here with me and he makes every day fun, exciting, surprising, and magical. 

We did a small photo shoot today, a happy nine month photo shoot.  Here are some of the photos:

Thirty-nine weeks

We spent this week sick.  The whole family. Sick!  It was just a cold but it got the best of Nolan and Brian.  Poor little Nolan was sick all week, he had snot pouring from his little nose and his eyes were so red.  Luckily, the worst is all over.

Although he was sick he was still very adventurous.  He has officially learned how to open and close the cabinets, the TV doors (and gets everything out), the bathroom cabinets... basically anything with a door on it.  Additionally, he has found the wall outlets, YIKES! 

We tried Gerber Puffs again this week.  A week ago he choked on one.  This time he took it slow and did great.  He needed my help to get them into his mouth, but in a matter of a few days he has become a pro at that.  He is just too cute when he eats them, he has to hold his head still while he does it. 

What else did he do this week... Shorts for the first time in 2012.  Yes, it was that warm.  He looked so cute with his fat little legs sticking out.  He loves drinking water from his bottle, although I can't be sure that he gets a lot of it.  What I should say is that he likes to play with the water in his bottle. 

He is starting to get on all fours and he rocks but he still doesn't crawl using those legs.  Maybe one day, but I doubt it.  He still has no toofers either.  Ah well, in good time they will come. 

Here are some pictures from the week:
Chubby little legs

My poor sick baby bear

"So hold here and pull?  This is cool!"

"Mommy, look!  Puffies!"

"They are sooo good!"

Little Brother shirt

"Are you talking to me?"

"I got it Cody!"

"Just playing, here ya go, have it back"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thirty-eight weeks

Wow, what a wild week.  We just started watching a few other children and Nolan seemed to enjoy it.  We watch them for a few hours a couple days a week, which isn't too bad.  The kids are so adorable.  Nolan and I go to meet another family on Friday to determine if we will begin to watch them as well.

Nolan had his second opinion done at AI Hospital this week and the doctor there stated that he DOES NOT need surgery!!!  Well, not at this time.  Eventually he still may need surgery but at this point, we are going to hold off.  What a relief.

As for funds with the lay off, well I am still laid off and severance has just run out.  I am now collecting a tiny, very small, microscopic unemployment check.  I am still searching for work but the result hasn't brought too much. 

Nolan is growing up so fast.  I feel like this week he has doubled in size and he is doing so much.  He is really starting to sit up pretty good, he still needs a bit of support, but all in all he is doing great.  He is crawling (well, still the military crawl) and he loves saying mama.  Oh, he loves doing the "clean up clean up" while holding a paper towel or wipe.  Raspberries are still number one on his list and to do them while eating tops the charts in his book... not so much in Mom's book.

Nolan weighed in at 18lbs 7ozs at the Urologist visit this week and he was 27 1/4 inches long.  We go for our 9 month appointment next week, so I will be interested to see what they say. 

Well, here are the pictures for the week:

"Now what in the world is this thing?"

"It's bath time!!!"

"This is odd!"

"I don't think I am ready to eat this yet."


First time on the mower with Daddy

"Look Mom, I am doing all the driving!"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thirty-seven Weeks

Yep, late again..... this time not as late but still late.  Ahhh well, that's my life now, LATE. 

So after a long to do.... I have decided that I will be doing what it takes to become a certified daycare director.  I am currently in the process of working with the state to determine the number of credits that I need so I can go back to school.  So happy to have finally figured out my next steps.

Wow!!  We did so much this week.  It really was a great week, the weather was perfect.  We played outside, had a photo shoot, went to Milburn Orchards, dyed Easter eggs, and celebrated Easter.

Nolan is growing so fast.  He is now crawling on top of things, over and under things, and thru them.  He enjoys watching other kids and people in general.  He is sitting a bit better and can sit be himself longer now.  He is still a bit wobbly but he is getting there. 

Nolan is  really saying mama now and he knows what it means.  He will be crying and he'll start with mama and crawl over to me.  Talk about a melting heart.  His hair is growing out too now.  He has this little cowlick on the top of his head that has to be made to lay down with water every day. 

We have officially moved into the 6-9 month clothes and packed up all the smaller stuff.  But the sad thing is, now the boy can't keep his pants on.  He goes crawling and turns to look at his pants that have been left behind.  Poor kid.

Well, here are some lots of pictures:

"Yes, I did just crawl up and over this chair."


So happy

"Hi Mommy"

"I see you."

Loving his wagon

Firt time in the radio flyer...  weeeeee

"This is awesome!!" ~ Milburn Orchards

"I'll drive Mama"

"My Mommom"

First visit with the Easter Bunny

"Egg, what egg?  This grass looks cool."

Fun day!

Dying his first Easter egg

"I'm not supposed to put my whole hand in???"

"I think it's ready!"

"Can we do something about these hands?"

A Wonderful Easter

Easter was great this year with Nolan here with us.  Nolan receive a large white basket filled with treats from the Easter Bunny and he loved it.  After getting him dressed in his cute little outfit that had a little bow tie, we headed out for the day. 

First stop was Nana and Grandpa's house.  There Nolan had not one, but two Easter baskets.  He participated in an egg hunt with his cousins and ate a little dinner.

Then we were off to Mommom's house.  Nolan received another Easter basket there and several Easter eggs.  He also enjoyed playing with his cousin, Hayley. 

Here are some pictures for the day:

"Look what the Easter Bunny brought me!!!"

Mr. Handsome dressed up for Easter

Daddy's special Easter basket

Our first Easter with Nolan

"Look what they did to me..."

"I found one!!!"

"Wait... put this one in there too!"

"Look!!!  A green one."

He loved all of his gifts

LOL, always with that tongue

So serious

He even enjoyed some whipped cream at the end of the night.... Little Hitler we called him... he didn't like it very much.