Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eleven Months

How did the time go so fast?  My baby is already 11 months old.  This was him after his breakfast this morning.  

11 months today!!

Forty-seven and eight... oops

Oh my goodness, I am so far behind.  Nolan is now 48 weeks, yes I missed a whole week.  I have been so busy the past two weeks.  Summer is here and we are full force for the next eight weeks.  Something to do EVERY.SINGLE.WEEKEND.  Not sure if that is good or bad, but hey, we will get lots of family time in.

Okay, so time to play catch up.  Nolan has done so much in the past two weeks, so here goes.  In addition to his top left tooth (when looking at him) he now has the right tooth.  He is also starting to cut the two bottom front teeth.  He hasn't been too bad with the teething thing, a bit whiney but nothing more.  Nolan is eating a lot of real foods now.  He loves noodles and bread.  He does okay with most meats but hamburger, though he loves it, gets him every time.  Tonight for dinner the boy ate taco meat, tomatoes, and olives.  LOL.  He doesn't like yogurt and he is trying to avoid most baby food at the moment.  There are days when I feel like I have to push the food down and I give up.  He loves his puffies and the cheese curls.  Drinking from Mommy's water bottle is also a highlight of the day.

Nolan is standing and pulling himself up so well.  He sits so much better and he is actually starting to climb... God help me.  While vacuuming today, I looked behind me and he was two steps up.  I had to do a double take since it was the first time he attempted to get up the steps.  He still loves the dogs and he enjoys it when Cody tries to bite him.  Yes, my son is nuts!

We had crabs over the weekend with Gramps.  Nolan sat on the floor with the crabs and got a kick out of them.  Too funny.  We had a few pool days in the past two weeks, lots of time with the kids that I watch, and time with a few other kids too.  I found out a local consignment store is closing and I went to meet with the owner to see about purchasing it.  After considering it long and hard, I decided not to.  I have however, start a FB page to see if it takes off.  If so, a store front is the next step.

We are just a month away from Nolan's first birthday and I have given the theme a lot of thought.  I am still trying to find someone to make the perfect cake, but I am not having any luck.  Mostly everything else is planned, just need to figure out the food.

Just today Nolan started clapping.  OMG, it is so cute.  I looked down at him at one point today and he was doing it.  I don't think he realized how I would react.  I did the whole "yay" thing and he now expects the "yay" each time he does it.  I swear, the baby I once knew is now becoming a toddler.  Sniffle sniffle...

Well, here a pictures from the last two weeks:

The new sleep position.. face covered

Standing up tall

"Ziggy is awesome"

"Uncle Ryan.. look at me!"

Fun is the pool with Hayley

"Mom, this new toy is awesome!!"

"Mommy and me"
I love this photo!!!

"Let's read.... this one!"

"What in the.... "

"This is just STRANGE!"

Pool time...

Newest item in the house... walker!!!  Thanks Gramps

Monday, June 18, 2012

Forty-six weeks

This week was yet another fast a busy week.  Mine and Wyatt's birthday was this week and it was the first time in three years I celebrated my birthday without being in the hospital.  We went out to eat with Mommom several times this week too.

Nolan's second top tooth is starting to push through.  Talk about a not so happy little boy.  Thursday night Nolan felt warmer than normal but I didn't give it much thought since he was in a blanket.  On Friday morning he still felt warm but it didn't alarm me.  I continued to take his temperature and the thermometer kept showing between 97.4 and 98.0 under his arm.  Finally after dinner I took his temperature rectally and it came back at 101.2, yikes.  After calling the doctor's office and waiting over an hour for a return call, they said pump fluids and keep an eye on him while giving Tylenol or Advil.  After a dose of Advil, Nolan's temperature on Saturday morning was still a bit elevated at 100.3 but nothing huge.  I called the doctor's office again and the nurse said if no other symptoms just to watch him.  By Saturday night Nolan had a rash over his back and on his arms.  It didn't look too bad so again I just watched it.  Sunday, same rash but it didn't get worse.  After looking it up on the Internet I concluded Nolan had Roseloa.  By Monday the rash was gone.

On Monday we went to the Herr's Zoo Day.  We were seriously there for about 20 minutes.  To sum it up, lots of kids but hardly any animals.  So not worth the time but hey it was free.  Aunt Heather went with us and took a few photos.

Nolan finally got to get into the big pool for the first time.  He didn't like it at first, I think it scared him a bit.  But after realizing that I wasn't going anywhere, he did just fine.  He liked his little float and sat in it for about 20 minutes.  Mommom came over on the weekend and played with Nolan in the pool also.  It was very sunny and even with sunscreen reapplied several times Nolan got a little sun burn.  OUCH.

Here are a few photos:

"I've got the power!"

Cutie Patootie and his tooth!

Puzzled much?!

"Now this is awesome!"

"Sheesh, I've got to dress myself?!"

First time in the big pool

"Why does she have to be in this picture?"

The pool life!

"Mommy, is that a big dog?"


Nolan after a long day

"This lady is nuts, is she really my mom?"

Monday, June 11, 2012

Forty-five weeks

Again, this post is late but we have been busy enjoying life which is important to me so I will accept this late post.  Nolan is growing so much.  He is getting big and learning so much more.  He has developed a little attitude which seems to be a good mix of Brian and mine.  YIKES.

We spent much of this week planning and getting ready for Wyatt's birthday party.  Wyatt would have been two this year.  Nolan helped with the getting ready part.  He was into everything but he had fun.  I had so much to do that I just let him go and allowed him to play with everything.  He got into the dog food and water, the cabinets, the pantry.  Basically, he had a lot of freedom.  Ah well, he enjoyed himself.

Nolan is now eating most foods.  He still eats his cereals, which he loves, but he is eating many more foods with us during meals.  He loves chunks of meats and refuses to eat any of the baby food meats.  He would much rather have chunks of chicken, pork, or beef.  He doesn't like veggies too much but he loves fruits.  He does still eat the baby food fruits and veggies but would rather have pieces of fruit.  He enjoys his puffs and cheesy curls from Gerber and he likes drinking from his sippy cup.

Much like last week, this week was spent standing and falling.  Nolan is developing better balance and is able to get himself down from standing much better.  He still had several falls and run ins with the walls and floor, but  no major issues.  He did fall on the threshold between the living room and kitchen resulting in a black and blue mark on his cheek, just in time for Wyatt's party.

Nolan's newest thing is pulling himself up in the refrigerator and helping himself to the food.  He loves the grapes.  I turning around and looked back and he was popping them in his mouth.  He would suck the fruit out and spit out the skins, too cute.  Now he thinks that the refrigerator is for play.

Nolan has been sitting in the shopping carts using the cover for a few weeks now.  He loves going to the grocery store and sitting like a big boy so he can help shop.  He enjoys seeing all the people and loves when someone comes up and talks to him.  This week we went to get stuff for Wyatt's party and he was such a good boy.  Although he was clearly tired, the dark circles under his eyes proved it, he was an angel at the store.

On Sunday, we celebrated Wyatt's 2nd birthday and Nolan had so much fun.  He played with several of his cousins and enjoyed it.  He loves kids and having that many around him to play with him was perfect.  Nolan also got to see his Gramps who he doesn't get to see very often.  He seemed to enjoy the time he spent with him.  Gramps gave Nolan a frozen hot dog and Nolan enjoyed it until Cody took it from his hand, silly dog!  Nolan watched the balloon release but wasn't too into it, maybe it will interest him more next year.

Well, here are some photos from the week:

He has always loved playing with the light up numbers on this scale

Where's the baby?

Just hanging out after a good meal

"Cody clean my hands please"

Big boy

"Grapes, I think I will"

"What's this?  Blackberrires?"

"So this is where the fun stuff is hiding!"

"These are so neat!"

"Now this is one big green ball!"

He loved playing with the water balloons

"Mom, are we sending all these to Wyatt?"

Nolan and cousin Avery... he loves her!

Gramps giving Nolan the frozen hot dog

At this point he still had the hot dog and was holding it for dear life

Wyatt's balloon release

"Happy Birthday brother"
Wearing blue for Wyatt

A Mommy and her boys
All in blue for Wyatt's birthday

Happy birthday brother, I see you!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birthday Planning ... STEP 1

The hardest part is the invites.  Well, they are finally done.  I really liked the ones from Tiny Prints and I was going to do the Tigger photo with it.  After creating the invite and tweaking everything, I saw the cost for 50 invitations.  Um, no!  Though I loved the design, I couldn't pay that much for something that people would receive and throw away.  

So, back to good old Shutterfly.  I created the card and realized I had a $10 off coupon anyway.  Should have just stuck with Shutterfly from the beginning.  Instead of doing Tigger, I did a few photos from the past 10 months.  I also changed the start time of the party.  We are still doing a Tigger theme, I just felt that it wasn't necessary to have the invites in Tigger too.