Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nine Weeks

Sooooo, what did we do this week?

Well, the weather was horrible and not nice enough to even think of venturing out to the park.  So, we spent a lot of time sitting at home. 

Nolan and I did go to visit Mommom at work again this week.  Sadly, Nolan slept through the entire lunch, so Mommom came to visit after work. 

Oh, this week was the first week that Nolan and I went to the grocery store ourselves.  He was perfect and slept through the entire trip, plus slept while I came home and put everything away.  Such a perfect child. 

Brian was off on Friday and the entire weekend, but the weather was terrible so we just hung out inside.  Saturday Brian spent a lot of time trying to control the water that we had pouring in through our electric box, but he was unsuccessful.  One day we will have a new, water-free house.  

Nolan watched television for the first real time this week also.  We have HBO and Showtime free for a bit and there was a Classical Baby show playing.  I sat him in is Boppy in front of the television and he actually watched it.  So funny.  After it was over, he started to cry. 

Then on Monday, Nolan had his two month doctor appointment.  He was perfect there until he got his shots.  Poor kid.  I was feeding him then the doctor came in and did his check up.  Then I started to feed him again and the nurse came in to give him two shots and one orally.  Talk about a very unpleasant lunch, he was interrupted from eating several times.   He weighed in at 10 lbs and 9 ozs, he is 22.25 in, and his head is 15.88 in.  He was in the 25% for height, 24% for weight, and 58% for his head.  Yes, my baby has a big head.  LOL

Nolan has started to really grasp things, rub his eyes when he is tired, and kick his feet.  He is now requesting his "binks" for naps and bedtime by crying until he gets it.  Nolan has slept a few times for naps in his cry and will be moving into his own room for nights starting next week or so.  Nolan isn't having the problem with the move, but Mommy is. 

Well, that's a wrap for week nine.  I can't believe Nolan is already two months old (as of yesterday).  He is just growing up TOOOO fast. 

Here a some photos from the past week:

First time sleeping in his crib

Nolan passed out, I love this face

Mommom and Nolan, yes he really sleeps like that

Mommy, Daddy and Nolan

"Now THIS is the life!"

Like Father like Son (and dog)... The men of the house!

Okay, so not only was he watching TV but he was dancing with the scarecrow, seriously!

Mommy and Nolan

Waking up as two months old... nothing like a good stretch

Look who's two months!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Months.... ALREADY?!

Well, today is September 26 which means Nolan is now officially two months old.  Dang, time just flies.  I wanted to post his two month old photos that I took of him this morning before his doctor's appointment.  I kinda knew he would be sad afterwards.  The appointment went well, but Mr. Nolan received two shots and one vaccine by mouth.  Needless to say, he is now passed out and in pain.  Poor guy. 

Well, nine week post will come tomorrow (yes, he will be nine weeks tomorrow).  But for now, here are his two month photos:

"Are you serious?"

Tongue out and all

"God, please help me!"

This is my favorite!!!

"Someone get that camera away from her!!!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Precious Time

As I watched with eyes that were heavy due to lack of sleep, I saw the clock turn to 3:00.  I remember sitting there telling myself to go to sleep.  It wasn't like I was still feeding him.  I could have easily put him back in his bassinet and laid down to catch a few z's.  Instead I continued to watch the clock with one eye and him with the other. 

This occurs every night.  The need for sleep but the want to freeze time or at least not waste it.  Having him here with me makes me realize just how precious life really is.  There is no time to waste and every moment should be enjoyed.  Why waste hours on sleep when I can sit and stare at something so precious?

The realization of "precious time" hit hard yesterday when I was talking about daycare.  Daycare is something that is pulling on my every nerve lately and he hasn't even started.  You see, he will be in daycare for 10.5 hours every weekday.  Yes, that is 52.5 hours a week.  He will be spending more waking hours in daycare with people who aren't his parents than he will be spending with me.  When I think about how much time he will spend with me each weekday I just want to scream.  We will only be able to spend about 5 waking hours together each weekday.  Just 5 hours, totally not enough "precious time". 

Maybe it's just me.  Maybe I am over reacting.  But when you lose a child and have another, you realize that the time you have in life is precious.  You realize that you need to enjoy every single moment and not let any second slip away. 

"Precious time" is something that shouldn't be shared with daycare.  "Precious time" is the reason why I stay awake through the night while I stare a something so beautiful.   It is something that is given to us as a gift from above and we should treat it with love and care. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Week Older

My boy is another week older, how can this be? 

After being stuck in traffic for what seemed like ever, a quick visit to my doctors for the stone issues, and a drop off at the post office I found myself sitting in the drive thru of Starbucks.  Today is rainy and chilly here in PA and it made me really in the fall mood.  What tastes like fall and comes from Starbucks, yep, a pumpkin spiced latte.  As I sat in the drive thru waiting for it to be made, I thought about how eight weeks ago I was holding my precious gift for the first time.  Yes, eight weeks ago, I can't believe it. 

As I sit here and think of what we did this past week, I draw a blank.  The only thing that comes to mind is how much my baby has grown.  It brings me to tears to think about how quickly time is passing.  I never thought that time could move so fast.  I hear so many people say things like 'before you know it he will be walking' or 'next thing you know he will be going to school'.  Before, I used to think these people were nuts, but I understand now.  Here it is 1:20p and I have no clue where the entire day went.  Today Nolan is eight weeks old and I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in recovery holding this plump dark haired little baby. 

Nolan and I went to my work this past week to visit my new manager and co-workers.  It was good to see people that I haven't seen in months (cause remember I was working from home for eight weeks before I delivered Nolan), but believe me, it made me realized how much I don't want to go back.  It's not that I don't want to work, it's just I would rather be with my baby to watch him grow up. 

Of course we went to the park this week as well.  We try to get to the park as much as possible on nice days to enjoy the end of the summer and the fresh air.  Summer is drawing to a close as the air is changing, it is getting cooler.  Nolan never did wear half of the summer clothing he received for his baby shower.  With the nights getting into the 40's and the days struggling to reach the 70's, I am not sure that he will ever wear them. 

Nolan had a cardiologist appointment this past week to ensure that everything is 100% with his little heart.  After being at the office for well over two hours due to issues with the storage on the echo machine, we met with Dr. Bonney who stated that Nolan's heart is 100% healthy. 

We met my mom at her work and had lunch with her at the park.  It was nice to get out of the house for a little bit.  Of course this made one mommom very happy because she was able to see her little guy on her lunch break. 

The photographer from 365 Portraits came this week to take Nolan's photo.  I didn't realize it, but we received one free 8x10 as part of the hospital package, so they came out to take it.  Of course, we couldn't just do one pose.  I can't wait until they come in.  Another update on this to come.  He was so cute.  Let's just say a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch!!!

Then on Saturday we went to the wee cycle sale.  This sale is awesome because the clothes are like brand new and incredibly cheap.  I purchased ten outfits for $44.00 and my mom purchased another ten or so plus shoes, socks, and a toy for $42.00.  Not bad huh?!

Her are several pictures from this week:

Nolan and Mommom

My poor baby all hooked up for his Echo

"Say what?!"

"You're kidding me.."

"Dude, really??"

"That's how I feel Dad!"

"What is on my head?"

"Now this is the life, cuddled with Mom"

Nothing like a good sleep in the park

OMGosh, he is just too funny

Mommy and Nolan, yep his tongue is sticking out.

Nothing like a good smile for the camera

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seven Weeks

Again I sit here in disbelief that yet another week has come and gone.  My baby is now seven weeks old. 

This past week there was so much going on.  We took our first trips to the mall and to the outlets this week.  Nolan was wonderful during both trips.  Saturday we went to visit Brian's grandmother, Bop, before she left for Vermont again.  It was great to see how excited she was to hold little Nolan.  Several of Brian's siblings were also visiting their grandmother while we were there, so Nolan was able to see some of his cousins.  One of the best moments was when cousin PJ (1 year old) realized that Nolan was there.  PJ wanted to help feed him.  It was so cute.

First trip to the mall

Visit with Bop

Super cute moment with cousin PJ

Nolan is just getting so big.  It seems as though this week was a milestone for so much.  I am feeling more comfortable with Nolan as he continues to grow and gain weight.  Nolan is really lifting his head well and he is turning it from side to side to look around.  He also has found his hands and enjoys grabbing and holding my hand while eating. The smiles have started!  Every now and then we can make him smile whereas before he would smile just in his sleep.  Oh, and the giggling too.  It has only happened two or three times, but he is actually giggling now.  I caught him twice in his sleep doing it.  Makes you wonder just what he is dreaming about.  Nolan enjoys his bouncy chair and when in a good mood will coo to the toys.  When Brian and I talk to him and make funny noises he will occassionally coo back to us.  It is so amazing. 

Of course we enjoy every moment together.  Nolan sleeps most of the morning and is up for a large chunk of the afternoon.  We do tummy time (briefly because he hates it), go for walks, watch TV, and lay together.  This week we watched Yo Yabba Yabba and Nolan loved it.  I honestly didn't think that he would actually watch the TV.  I thought he would just listen to the sound and enjoy the noise, but he was actually watching the show.  When the show went to commerical break Nolan started to cry.  No lie.  As soon as the show was back on the crying stopped.  Amazing!

Nolan is still a little too small for most of his clothes.  He fits in some of the 0-3 months but not many.  Yes, he is seven weeks and he is still wearing newborn outfits.  Ah well.  Nothing wrong with being small.  Good things come in small packages, right?  I was able to get him into one of my favorite outfits from the shower.  The shorts were still big and the hat, well that was still enormous, but he looked cute. 

The cutest outfit ever!

Yes, this week was busy and loads of fun.  I still can't get over the fact that my little baby is already seven weeks old.  It is crazy how fast time flies by.  It is even more crazy how much a child learns in just a few weeks.  I am enjoying every single moment with this little guy as I watch him grow.  He continues to bring smiles to our faces and love to our hearts.

Here are a few more photos from this week:

Cody is trying to figure out just why Nolan is crying

"Gee, really?!"

Nolan and Mommy

Stickin' the tongue out

My alert and adorable little man

Think he's comfy?

Fist pounds with Daddy

Precious little hand

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You?

"Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?"

I was at work.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  I walked into Eckerd's at 8:00a to start my shift in the photo lab, a job I absolutely loved.  As I clocked in, I noticed the date on the punch clock which said 9/11/01.  My manager was standing there and I recall saying to him, "Alan, today is going to be a bad day."  He asked why and I responded with, "because today is 911".  I was no way serious nor did I ever think that something would happen only 46 minutes later that would change America forever.

I remember my photo manager calling me at 9:00a and saying that I needed to pull the portable TV out of the cabinet and turn it on to watch the news.  She stated that there was major news taking place in NY and that it was something the employees at the store needed to see. 

I couldn't believe my eyes.  A huge hole in the side of the building.  Amazing footage but yet scary, super scary.  Several calls came in from employees saying they weren't going to come into work due to fear, I didn't blame them.  The store closed early that day and I remember going back to Brian's and being glued to the television. 

I recall the days after 9/11.  There were flags flying from homes, cars, and businesses. People were at their all time friendliness and ensured they went out of their way for each other.  I remember developing pictures in the photo lab of the aftermath of 9/11.  The pictures were like something out of a horror movie.  These are the things I remember. 

Ten years later, 9/11 is not forgotten.  I still can't believe something like 9/11 could have ever happened to our country.  I also can't believe it has been ten years.  So much has happened in ten years.  College graduation, marriage, purchase of a home, birth of two children, loss of one child, and learning what life is all about.

Where was I when the world stopped turning? 

I was in a different stage of life where I had no clue what lied ahead.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perfect Little Shopper

My mom has been off all this week and with the horrible, nasty rain I had to get out of the house.  We decided to head to the mall on Tuesday, if nothing more than to just walk around.  This was Nolan's first official shopping experience. 

After careful planning on my behalf, we decided to head to Exton mall since they have a parking garage and we wouldn't have to walk through the rain.  Upon arrival, Nolan was ready to eat.  So a quick feed in the car and a diaper change and we were off to go shop. 

Nolan remained awake for a bit but eventually he fell to sleep and looked nice and cozy in his stroller.  Such a perfect little shopper.

We decided to grab a bite to eat and then we headed off to finish our shopping experience.  After purchasing several items for Christmas (yes, I have already started Christmas shopping!!!), I just had to splurge and buy my baby some cute little outfits.  My favorites came from Baby Gap, where I am now a proud owner of a store charge card LOL!

So, of course, I had to add pictures of my favorite purchases of the day.

Gold colored sweater and adorable shoes

Tan sweater jacket and same shoes

Some stylin' clothing

First Trip to the Park

This post is a little late, but at this point better late then never!

Nolan's first trip to the park was on August 22.  After taking several hours to get ready due to feedings, poopy diapers, and feeding again, we finally arrived at the park.  Of course, Nolan fell asleep during the car ride to the park and remained asleep the entire time there.  But it was still fun and nice to get out of the house. 

Our trip to the park was so nice that we decided to continue returning.  This next photo is from August 24, our second day at the park!

As you can see, even though he is sleeping it looks like he enjoys the park.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Six Weeks Already!

Tomorrow will be six weeks already.  How does the time keep creeping up on me like this?  Fountain of youth is not what is needed, no, instead we need to figure out just how to slow time or stop it all together.  I just can't believe six weeks have already come and gone. 

Something happened just the other day, something that was so unexpected.  I didn't think I could love him much more than I already did.  But I realized that the love is growing even greater.  If emotions could be seen coming out of a person, like water out of a faucet, well I would overflow the sink!  I have become much more comfortable with Nolan in the past week.  I don't feel like he is breakable anymore, as he is becoming a little chunker.  And I have gotten used to this lack of sleep thing! 

As of tomorrow, I have six weeks remaining until I have to return to work.  I am totally struggling with this, I am not going to lie.  I don't want to leave my child for 10 hours every day to return to a place that only brings me a paycheck.  It isn't going to be fun to drop my baby off with people who are not my family and have them watch him grow.  I have tried to crunch the numbers several times, but each time we end up just too short without my pay.  Sadly, I have to return.  Hopefully we can find a way soon, but I don't think it is going to be any time in the near future.  Fair, no!  Reality, for now. 

Here are some photos from the past week:

Sleepy baby!

The boys having tongue wars.

"Say what?!"

So precious.  I love those lips!

He loves getting a bath, absolutely loves it.

Poor baby had a blocked tear duct.  Our first sick visit to the doctor's office was on
Saturday, September 2.

Chillaxin' with Daddy

Another bath.... and still lovin' it!