Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We now have a 14 month old...

Nolan turned 14 months today and the time continues to fly right by.  Though I am home with him much of the time, I still feel like there is so much that doesn't get done or things that I wish I had more time to do.  I guess that is what happens though.  When children come time just flies by so fast.

In the past month Nolan has learned so much.  He is totally walking and at times so fast that it is hard to keep up with him.  He eats just about everything, although fruits and veggies are still a struggle to gets into him.  He still loves his cereal but instead of water he gets milk in it.  He also loves cups of milk now.  It took him a bit to get used to milk but he loves it.  He still loves noodles (mac and cheese, spaghetti, as long as it's a noodle he will eat it).  Hot dogs are still a hit but he loves any pork.  As for snacks, now that he is walking, there have been a few times when he will help himself to the Oreo's in the pantry.  It's so cute.  He will walk right out of the living room and then there is a crinkle sound of the bag in the closet.  Next thing you know he comes walking back into the living room with a cookie in his hand.

Nolan just started dancing.  Yes, that is right, dancing.  He will watch tv with us and when a show ends he will dance to the credits.  We were watching a Tupac show the other night and they were playing a bunch of rap in the background.  Brian and I look over at Nolan and he is dancing to the beat in front of the tv.  The kid just isn't right.  He will dance to the songs in the Backyardagain show also.  Such a little goof.

Nolan attended his first birthday party for another little girl on September 8.  It was so cute.  He knew something was up because we got up and got ready and I made such a fuss about everything.  We got Riley's gift ready, after Nolan unwrapped the tissue paper, and then we had Daddy take our photo.  When we got to the party Nolan had fun.  He enjoyed the balloons, singing happy birthday, and watching the trains go around that were set up in the basement.

Brian and I took Nolan to the Philly Zoo on September 11.  He had been to the Plumpton Zoo previously but never the Philadelphia Zoo.  I thought he may be too young still, but he wasn't.  He loved it.  He enjoyed the animals (the flamingos and the zebras were his favorites).  He also liked the tiger since it came right up to the window to see him, so cute!

Nolan loves playing in the dog's water and food bowls.  I have caught him several times standing in the water bowls.  He just has a thing about water.  He also enjoys trying to get into the toilets.  Gross?  Yes!  I try to make sure all the lids are down but there have been times when I missed one or two... yikes...

I have been shopping for great deals on a few of the sites I belong to.  One of the deals was a bunch (like 50+) books for $5.00.  After picking the books up and bringing them home, Nolan was in heaven.  He loves books!  He will sit for 15 minutes or so at a time just looking through a book, so cute.  Don't try to read him one though, he just can't sit still long enough.

One of Nolan's favorite things to watch right now is tractors and trucks.  We were at the park a few days ago and he stopped playing with the kids to watch a truck drive by.  He loves them.  We were at the beach last weekend and they were taking things off the beach with trucks.  Nolan thought it was great to see the trucks drive up on the sand and go right passed him.  Whenever he hears a lawn mower he stops dead in his tracks and goes to the window to try to find it.  A lot of that is because Brian takes him for a ride on our tractor whenever he mows.  But it is so funny to watch him.

The funniest moment this month was when Nolan decided to ride the vacuum.  It is something that was only a matter of time of it happening.  I vacuum the carpet every single day because of the dog hair.  When I get the vacuum out Nolan gets so excited.  Well, he decided that it wasn't just fun to chase the vacuum, instead he had to get on the vacuum and ride it while I vacuumed the living room.  It was hilarious!  Now it is something that he thinks he is supposed to do every time the vacuum comes out.  Hey, if he has fun, why not let him... right?!

Stuffed animals.... yea, Nolan loves them.  He will find one and cling to it all day.  Between the two monkeys he has taken from his brother's stash, his big bird, and his newest dog that Mommom got him at the beach that we named Obie he never has a day without a stuffed animal.  He will hug them, hold them, and carry them everywhere with him.  He will even go up to one, lay with it on the floor and then go "Awww".  LOL  so cute!

The past few days have been getting cooler and fall has arrived.  I am looking forward to this coming month and watching Nolan grow and enjoy the fall season.  We have so much going on in the month of October with family photos, Milburn Orchards, doctor appointments, a surgery, and Halloween coming.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  I can't wait to do so many fun things with Nolan and share them with you next month.

Here are some photos from the past month:
Mr. Cool Guy


Playing with Daddy

Yet another crying fit

"Look Mom, I can help you clean."


He knows he shouldn't be in there....

but he was having so much fun

Macho man

"I'm going to get you!!!"

Crawling with Cody


Playing with his farm

"Who you calling?  Me?!"

Nolan with all of his books... he loved it!

Helping Daddy

Getting ready for his first birthday party... Riley's 2nd birthday

"Um, guys... this balloon is HUGE!"

"Here Mommom"


While all the other kids played in the pool Nolan played in the dirt.

"Hey girls... can I see"

Swing time

He loves playing with the water

Mommy's Major Hunk

"Leaf Mom?"

Nolan and is best buddy Joana

Look at that belly... and the doctor thinks he is too thin.. please

Where's Nolan?

"I found a baseball!!"

"Think my tractor is sexy???"

Riding the vacuum

Daddy time

Awww monkey

"Look monkey, put your feet down and your standing!"

So bad

"Cody, I am going to get you"

"Stop, please stop... LOL"


Nolan enjoyed the fountain at the zoo the most

"Sssss snake!"

Here kitty kitty... LOL

He came right up to the window and looked at Nolan

Fun times!


They walked the camels right out in front of us

"Mommy, this isn't real"

"I see you Daddy!"

Fast asleep after a long day at the zoo.

Beach baby - trip #3 to the beach this year

Picking out his new toy (one that has left his side since this day) - Welcome to the family OBIE

Spoiled little boy got a little bug 

"Ahhh, this is the life"

"Mommom??  Is that you?"

Off to get the little girls kite

"Here birdie, birdie"

"Mom!  Can I go out there and catch some waves?"