Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forty-four weeks

Our little gift has mastered the standing position.  He is officially pulling himself up on EVERYTHING, getting into EVERYTHING, and he has even started moving from one object to another (sorta walking). 

From cabinets, laundry baskets, dog bowls, and chairs nothing is safe when it comes to Nolan.  The kid will put EVERYTHING in his mouth.  He was playing outside and I caught him trying to eat the mulch.  He plays in the fridge if he gets in there quick enough before I shut the door, the other day I caught him helping himself to the grapes.  Yep!  I had to get two of them out of his mouth.  His newest trick is following us to the bathroom so when we flush the toilet he can stand and watch it.  Gross?  Yes.  But my son loves it. 

He loves Cody, but I think I have mentioned that before.  He loves that dog, I am not sure what he would do if something happened to Cody.  He gets a kick out of giving Cody his toys, standing up near Cody, or just letting Cody lick his hands. 

Nolan loves kids.  We went to my sister's memorial day party this weekend and he played with this little girl.  He seemed to enjoy himself.  He loved his time in the pool with her, it was so cute.  He also watched me hold a baby and he did very well with it.  I thought he would freak out but he didn't honestly care.  Nolan is getting better when we have to go clean houses.  He is learning to play by himself more and he doesn't want to constantly be held.  He is also doing well with the kids that I am babysitting.  Nolan likes to follow them around. 

The biggest news of the week is that Nolan's first tooth has finally come through the gum.  It isn't all the way down, but it is through.  The second top tooth is also close to coming out. 

His has been making this sound now for about two or three weeks it goes something like this, "kee-kee".  I don't know what he is trying to say, but he says it all the time.  It's so cute.  He is also starting to say Cody and it goes something like this, "Cccco-gggeee".  Love it!  He has already done the whole Mama and Dada thing so these are new, additional words. 

We went to get professional pictures done this week.  It was so cute.  Nolan wore his "birthday outfit" (not sure it will fit then but the colors match his theme so I wanted photos for his invites".  We also did an outfit change and had sports photos taken.  They came out cute and were much cheaper than his newborn photos. 

Nolan has mastered the sippy cups, although they aren't the sippy cups, they are ones with straws in them.  He loves those cups!  He has been getting a pear juice and water mix for the past few weeks and he really likes it.  He new foods this week included:  hot dog, ice cream (just a little bit), flavored water (out of Mom's bottle), macaroni salad, and beans.  He loved all of it. 

Of course this weekend was hotter than heck and our pool was still closed.  So, we sat around Nolan's baby pool and watched Daddy open the big pool..... We can't wait to swim in the big pool. 

Photos from the week:


Helping Daddy surf the web on his phone

Fun with Cody

"Hi Mom!!!" ~ standing against the recliner

His cuppie

Swingin' swingin'

Baby jail

This kid moves quick!!

Watching Daddy from the door

"This green stuff is cool."

Having fun!!

Tough guy just pulled himself up on the changing table shelves

Memorial Day!

About to get in...

"You're beautiful!!"

He loved it even though that water was freezing!

Getting out

Seeing baby Edie

Playing with baby Edie

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ten months

This was Nolan's ten month photo that was taken before we left to get professional photos done with Mommom.

Nolan 10 months on 5/26

He is wearing an outfit that says, "I'm the little brother".  Fitting as two years ago today (5/26/10) we were sitting in the hospitals waiting to find out what was wrong with our first child.

Forty-three weeks

Well... this week was nothing but standing up EVERYWHERE!!!

The kid is getting too big too quick.  He pulls himself up on everything and he gets a kick out of himself.  He gets into it ALL.  The dog food, bathroom cabinet, the dryer... you name it and he has gotten into it. 

This was really the first week that Nolan pulled himself up more than a few times and let me tell you, after more than a few it has been a continuous thing.  He is also enjoying more everyday foods like pieces of bread, french fries, potatoes, pears, and meats.  He loves pieces of chicken, though they take him forever to chew. 

We used his little pool for the first time this week and after making sure the water was not too cold, he was in it and loved it.  Daddy couldn't stand the fact of filling it with cold water from the hose, so the five gallon bucket came out filled with warm bath water.  Such a smart Daddy. 

Nolan is really starting to become so much fun.  Not that he wasn't before, but he is now able to move and do things.  He can play on his own and he LOVES the dogs.

Standing was the main item on Nolan's agenda this week.  The only other item was to get his first tooth to finally come through.  After weeks of saying that we thought we saw the bottom teeth coming through, what do you know the first tooth to almost pop through is the front upper right tooth.  The upper left front tooth isn't far behind and the bottom can hardly be seen.  Well, at least something in the tooth department has finally happened. 

Here are a few photos from the week (of course most are of him standing!!!):

"I. can. do. it!!!"

"Now how does this thing move?"

"This is my kitchen and I can eat whatever I want!"

Story time with Daddy

First time eating spaghetti

Lovin' the noodles

First time in his pool

Cooling off

He loves this boat

Trying to get that tooth through

"Got my sunblock, see!!!"

"Where's that sand at???"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Forty-two weeks

Well this post if for sure late.  I thought about it all week and I kept meaning to download my photos to create the post, but with almost 2000 photos on the memory card time was an obstacle.  Yes, just to download the newer pictures it takes about 20 minutes for the computer to find them all.  I think it's time for me to go get a new card, as I don't delete ANY of my Nolan pictures!

Okay, so since this post is late and we are actually nearing week forty-three, let me think back two weeks ago to all the new adventures Nolan took us through. 

Nolan really started pulling himself up and standing on his own during this week.  His little tooth is trying to come through and as much as I thought the bottom ones were going to come first, he is getting the top teeth first.  He chews on everything but I would guess that's because his teeth hurt. 

He had to go get blood taken for his iron and lead tests this week.  I decided it would be best to take him to AI DuPont Children's hospital since they work with kids.  Talk about a great decision on my behalf, we were in, out, and only two little whimpers.  Amazing!!!  Nolan had his arm wrapped with a green bandage to match his camo pants and we were on our way home. 

Mother's Day was on the 13th and it was the first Mother's Day that I could celebrate by holding my child in my arms.  Talk about an amazing feeling.  Nothing like waking up to a precious little face.  Brian handed Nolan the cards to give to me and a picture frame.  It was so cute, Nolan put them out for me to grab as if he was really handing me the cards.  (Melts my heart thinking about it)  We took a few photos for the scrapbook (which I will work on one of these days.... maybe when Nolan's in high school LOL), played outside a bit, and then headed over to my sister's house to do dinner for my mom. 

After always saying that Nolan needs a pair of sunglasses, we finally got him two pairs at Wal-Mart.  The one pair looks just like Brian's and Nolan wears them around on his head (two peas in a pod those boys). 

We still have issues with keeping pants on.  What can I say, the boy has no belly.  He will be crawling and all the sudden turn around to find his pants laying several feet behind him.  It's funny but it is also a pain because it really limits what he can wear. 

Nolan is still into holding things.  This week his craze was over a giraffe teether.  The darn thing had to go with us everywhere.  It was cute watching him try to switch the giraffe from one hand to the other quickly while trying to get out of his car seat. 

Well, another week has gone by... time keeps creeping up on me.  I can't believe my little baby is going to be ten months soon.  I am already thinking about his first birthday, man time flies.  But I am sure enjoying every single moment that I can spend with this precious gift.  If you recall, I was laid off from work in November.  I spent a matter of three weeks back at work before I was told I was getting laid off.  So, I have spent almost every day with this little boy, AND I LOVE IT!!!!  I would rather be broke than miss my child grow up.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Playing with the dog toys instead of his

Mr. Handsome pants

Watching his TV

The green bandage from the blood work

"Look!!!  I am standing with my toys!"

Daddy and Nolan

"Happy Mother's Day Mommom, a calendar filled with me!"

Mother's Day!!!

Mommy's stud!

"Are you coming?  Let's go for a ride!"

Aunt Heather and Nolan on the Ipad

"These silly pants!"

Watching Daddy clean up the water mess

The toy of the week!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Trip to the Beach

The weather had been off and on nice but the weatherman was calling for above normal temps for Friday.  He say close to 80 or above and in the upper 70's for the beaches.  After debating a bit, my mom and I decided that it was time to take a day trip to the beach.  I hadn't been to the beach in two years due to the many complications with both pregnancies, so I was super excited about the trip.  Additionally, this was going to be Nolan's first trip to the beach so I couldn't wait to create some memories. 

The drive down was good.  Nolan was pleasant and did okay in the car.  He eventually fell asleep while watching his Backyardagains on his DVD player (best gift ever received, thanks Uncle Ryan). My mom and I kept watching the sky and hoping that the grey would soon be replaced by blue with rays of sunshine. 

By the time we hit Rehoboth the sun came out and it was warming up.  We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel and then drove the short distance to the condo.  After unloading a car filled with stuff of a 9 month old, we lugged it all upstairs.  Seriously, if I had more than one child I would need a Uhaul.  I felt like I brought half of my house to the beach (and we were only there for the day).

After getting to the room, we all got ready to head to the beach.  Nothing like getting a baby dressed only to have to undress him to get the sunscreen on.  Lesson learned.  We packed up the toys, water, books (like I was going to have time to read), towels, and chairs to head to the beach.  After looking at the pile of STUFF to take to the beach, I asked my mom how we were going to carry all that plus Nolan to the beach.  It was decided that I would make one trip to carry down the chairs and umbrella then come back to get Nolan and the other bags.  People wonder why new moms loose weight quick....

After making it to the beach, Nolan played in his exercauser for a bit and then fell asleep.  He was starting to get a bit cranky and he was sneezing a lot.  After his nap on the beach blanket he got up with a running nose and red eyes.  I knew at that point that the day was going to start going downhill.  We did manage to sit on the beach for about three hours with him.  He played in the sand with his toys, enjoyed finding the sea weed and chasing the sea gulls, and was in awe by the waves.  He wasn't scared at all and he actually liked the sand. 

We returned to the room and gave Nolan a bath in the sink.  We got dressed and headed out to dinner.  Our favorite restaurant.  Claws.  Never have we gone out to dinner and Nolan not be good.  We had just said those words only a few hours before.  Well, we jinxed ourselves.  He was horrible.  Between being tired, sick, and cutting a tooth he was miserable.  We knew it, the waiter knew it, and the poor couple sitting next to us knew it.  After a walk outside, Mommy literally shoving the food in her mouth, and mommom apologizing to the couple sitting next to us - we left.  The food (what I could taste of it) was good, but the dinner was horrible.

If I would have known what was ahead of us, I would have remained seated at dinner and let him scream.  Or maybe we would have just stayed overnight at the beach that night.  Either way, to prevent what lied ahead of us would have been wonderful. 

We decided to pack up and head out after dinner.  Nolan was tired and we weren't going to be able to do many stores if we did the boardwalk, so we headed out.  No sooner did we get out of the garage, Nolan started crying.  I knew he was tired and I figured he would go to sleep.  Negative.  He screamed from Rehoboth to Rt 13 and he NEVER stopped.  It was straight screaming.  You might have thought that he was being bit by something.  It was horrible.  I got him out on Rt. 13 and he calmed down.  I tried nursing him and he was okay.  After about 20 minutes, we decided to travel the rest of the way home.  No sooner did I get him in his car seat, he started again. 

We drove another 20 miles or so before he FINALLY fell asleep.  Almost an hour and a half of straight screaming. Raffi CD didn't work.  Mommom singing didn't work.  Mommy singing didn't work.  DVD was a joke.  Toys, yea no!  What a drive!!  That's all I am going to say.

The day was great.  The beach was wonderful, relaxing, and enjoyable.  The memories were amazing.  Wyatt and Mommom came to visit us (butterflies, two of them on the beach blanket).  But the night was not so enjoyable.  A sick, cranky, teething baby = long, horrible drive home.

Here are several pictures for the day - no pictures of the evening (not something anyone would ever want to see.. LOL)

First time seeing the beach!

"What is that WAYYYY down there?"

First trip to the beach with Mommy

This is fun!!

Cue the crankiness

Just woke up from his nap on the beach


Brushing the sand off his little butt

"Mommy said I can't eat you!"

Watching the waves roll in

"See it out there?"

Playing in the sand

Bath in the sink