Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thirty-six weeks

Okay, first... I am still getting used to this new blogger setup... not sure I like it or not.  Maybe with time it will win me over. 

Second, yes this post is over a week late.  This thing called time has been a real pain in the butt recently.  There just isn't enough time in a day to do everything. 

Well.... let me go back a week and recall all of Nolan's new tricks.  So... thirty-six weeks, holy moly.  Nolan has been having a few issues with his bath recently, he just doesn't like to get them in the morning.  Morning seems to be when I have the most energy to give him a bath, so we are working on finding a balance there.  Nolan has been pulling himself up, which just started this week.  I happened to turn around one day and there he was doing a chin up on a laundry basket.  (it was cute, but I freaked cause I am dumb like that). 

What else happened this week.... well, we had our first ER visit on 3/27.  Yep, AI was calling our name.  I was cleaning my MILs and turned my back for a second and it happened.  Nolan fell down four steps while I literally was a finger length away from him.  I tried to grab him which actually caused him to fall.  I think if I would have allowed him to continue, he honestly would have made it down the steps himself.  Of course, the doctor at the ER laughed and asked, "Is this your first?"  My response... "Well, long story short, sorta."  He had a puzzled look and said, "Well, by your second they will fall from a tree and you will stand them back up and tell them to continue to play."  I was glad that everything was okay but I felt like a horrible mother the rest of the day.  Talk about sitting in the ER with tears in your eyes.  I was so scared. 

Nolan has also started doing things like Mommy.  He now takes his wipes and does "clean up clean up"... it's so cute.  He also loves playing with my hair before he falls asleep. 

Here are some pictures from the week:

Mommom helping Nolan with his cup

Such a big boy

He looked so tiny in this outfit...

Daddy and Nolan.... look at those ears... LOL

Property of Mom!!!

Blowing raspberries... so cute!

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