Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seven Months

I can't believe it, much like I can't believe how many weeks old he is... but our little gift turned seven months old today!!!

Yes, he is sitting up by himself.  He still needs a bit of support but he pretty much has the sitting thing.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thirty weeks

And like that we have hit thirty weeks... It just amazes me that time is going so fast.  This week went by super fast and Nolan just continues to grow and develop more and more.  This week was Valentine's Day so Nolan received a few gifts and got to visit with his Mommom, Nana, and Grandpa.  We also had February birthdays so he spent time with several of his Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. 

His cold finally came to an end this week, so no more snotty nose or cough, thank goodness.  He is back to his normal, fun loving self.  He is really getting around and moving across the floor, although not crawling just yet.  He loves getting into things that he shouldn't be even though there are tons of his toys on the ground for him.  He is getting much better at holding his head up in his bath which means bathing him is basically impossible.  He is like a fish and swims everywhere in the tub, but he loves it.

Nolan is really getting attached this few weeks to the point that when I walk out of the room he bursts into tears.  He will not sit with anyone else but me after he wakes up (not even Brian which isn't good).  After being up for a bit he does fine with Brian but when he sits with others I have to be in the room with him.  Spoiled?  Maybe.  Oh well!

He is eating his food in the morning and at night with his oatmeal.  Sometimes I mix it up and do rice.  His favorites are the squash, bananas, and pears.  Next week we are going to start mixing and then in about a week or so we are going to move to the next step in the cook books and next stage on the shelves. 

Photos from the week:

Happy Valentine's Day

"A card for me?!"

"This green stuff is awesome!"

"You want me to read it?!"

"Gr-an-d-son... see, I CAN read it!"

Playing with Cody

"Mommom, this is cool."

"A bunny book... thank you!"

"My very own phone!"

"No Mom, you can't use it.  I will sleep with it to be sure you don't touch it!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twenty-nine weeks

They just keep coming, week after week another one goes by... how can it be?  My baby is growing up so fast.  He is twenty-nine weeks now and growing like a weed. 

This week went fast just like so many of the others.  We had lots of fun playing at home, a walk in the park and down our street (yes, in February), a little bit of snow here and there, and dinner with Mommom.  We also spent a lot of time cleaning this week, but Nolan was a trooper.  Nolan was sick most of the week.  He had a bit of a cold but no fever.  Today we are just really starting to get better.

Nolan loves his bath even more now as he can really move around and splash in there.  We hung up his frog toy holder also and he gets a big kick out it hanging there. 

Yesterday we made pink cookies using Jell-o, they really didn't taste that great, but they are festive. 

Nolan talks a bunch now.  He mimics noises that Brian and I make with him.  It is so cute to just listen to him.  And the dogs... how he loves the dogs.  He can seriously sit and talk to them for an hour.  Not sure what he says to them, but he just talks and babbles to them forever.

Oh and I think Nolan had a growth spurt this week.  Seriously the kid went to sleep one night and woke up a few hours later and I swear he just looked bigger.  Brian even agreed.  There were two nights this week where Nolan slept forever.  I think he was growing.... hehehe

Here are some pictures from the week:

Playing with Cody

"Seriously, don't you think it's too cold for a walk?!"

Don't even ask

Daddy and Nolan time

"I'm a big boy!"

Like father like son

Bath time fun

Why buy teethers?

Chillin' in the recliner with the remote = king

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Twenty-eight weeks

They just keep coming.... and I can't catch up.  I have a whole ton of photos that are sitting and waiting to be scrapbooked, but I just have no time to get them in.  I get a week done and then another week passes as my little Nolan Bear continues to grow and get older.  Before I know it, he will be a year old.  Sniff Sniff. 

My baby is getting so big.  He is doing so much on his own, which makes me happy and sad at the same time.  We have pretty much gotten passed the "I will not eat for you" phase (well, the one that we were in last week, I am sure there are more to come).  Nolan enjoys his food cold to the point that it is so cold he actually makes a cute little noise after he swallows because it's just that cold.  What a goof.  To date, he has had squash, sweet potatoes, rice, cereal, pears, apples, bananas, peas, and carrots.  He loves the squash and bananas.  I made homemade bananas this week and have tons of them in the fridge and freezer. 

Nolan can really get himself across the floor now.  He can move himself in a circle using just his arms, it is so cute.  He loved the Squishy Fishy book and really enjoys playing with his trucks.  He is currently wearing 9 month sleepers but still in 3-6 month regular clothing.  We moved into a size 3 diaper last week but we are going to move back into a size 2, because I think the size 3 is still a bit big.  Speaking of diapers, Huggies packaged their diapers incorrectly causing me to write to them.  In return I received two coupons for their diapers, one was for a free package.  Love that! 

This past week we spent a lot of time at the park.  It was nice enough to go there three times.  Of course, we changed it up a bit and went to a different park.  The wind was bad but the temps were awesome for February.  We also went to celebrate Umpa's birthday with her on Saturday at the Olive Garden.  It was nice and the food was really good.  Nolan was good and slept for about an hour or so while we ate. 

Nolan has been getting a bath in the tub for a while now and we switched from the infant tub in the big tub to just the foam mat.  But last night, Nolan learned he could roll over in the tub and lay on his belly.  So cute!  He was like a little fish just swimming around in the tub.  He thought he was something until he got a mouth full of water, talk about being shocked, the look on his face was just hilarious. 

Here are a few photos:

Well they will be posted when blogger decides to work!

"What's cookin'?"

"This weather is NUTS!"

"Just rolling around"

"Please just take the picture"

Mommom and Nolan

"I see you Mommy"

My little prince

Such a goof!

"Daddy, you down there?!"

"Put that camera away before I count to three.... one"

"Oh come on... put it away!"