Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thirty-seven Weeks

Yep, late again..... this time not as late but still late.  Ahhh well, that's my life now, LATE. 

So after a long to do.... I have decided that I will be doing what it takes to become a certified daycare director.  I am currently in the process of working with the state to determine the number of credits that I need so I can go back to school.  So happy to have finally figured out my next steps.

Wow!!  We did so much this week.  It really was a great week, the weather was perfect.  We played outside, had a photo shoot, went to Milburn Orchards, dyed Easter eggs, and celebrated Easter.

Nolan is growing so fast.  He is now crawling on top of things, over and under things, and thru them.  He enjoys watching other kids and people in general.  He is sitting a bit better and can sit be himself longer now.  He is still a bit wobbly but he is getting there. 

Nolan is  really saying mama now and he knows what it means.  He will be crying and he'll start with mama and crawl over to me.  Talk about a melting heart.  His hair is growing out too now.  He has this little cowlick on the top of his head that has to be made to lay down with water every day. 

We have officially moved into the 6-9 month clothes and packed up all the smaller stuff.  But the sad thing is, now the boy can't keep his pants on.  He goes crawling and turns to look at his pants that have been left behind.  Poor kid.

Well, here are some lots of pictures:

"Yes, I did just crawl up and over this chair."


So happy

"Hi Mommy"

"I see you."

Loving his wagon

Firt time in the radio flyer...  weeeeee

"This is awesome!!" ~ Milburn Orchards

"I'll drive Mama"

"My Mommom"

First visit with the Easter Bunny

"Egg, what egg?  This grass looks cool."

Fun day!

Dying his first Easter egg

"I'm not supposed to put my whole hand in???"

"I think it's ready!"

"Can we do something about these hands?"

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