Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Wonderful Easter

Easter was great this year with Nolan here with us.  Nolan receive a large white basket filled with treats from the Easter Bunny and he loved it.  After getting him dressed in his cute little outfit that had a little bow tie, we headed out for the day. 

First stop was Nana and Grandpa's house.  There Nolan had not one, but two Easter baskets.  He participated in an egg hunt with his cousins and ate a little dinner.

Then we were off to Mommom's house.  Nolan received another Easter basket there and several Easter eggs.  He also enjoyed playing with his cousin, Hayley. 

Here are some pictures for the day:

"Look what the Easter Bunny brought me!!!"

Mr. Handsome dressed up for Easter

Daddy's special Easter basket

Our first Easter with Nolan

"Look what they did to me..."

"I found one!!!"

"Wait... put this one in there too!"

"Look!!!  A green one."

He loved all of his gifts

LOL, always with that tongue

So serious

He even enjoyed some whipped cream at the end of the night.... Little Hitler we called him... he didn't like it very much.

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