Saturday, May 5, 2012

Forty weeks

This week Nolan did so much.  He is really starting to learn how to so many things on his own.  He sat himself up and pulled himself up this week.  He did it while in the corner with his little rocker chair.  I happened to walk into the kitchen and when I turned around he was standing up holding onto the chair.  Of course the camera was across the room so I made him do it again, LOL. 

It also looks like he is cutting a tooth.  It can be seen way below the surface.  Finally, after nine months we may have a tooth in the near future. 

We had a small scare with the bed this week.  The kid moves so fast he is like an gymnast.  One blink of an eye and our bed can be a very dangerous place. 

I started giving Nolan small pieces of food this week.  He is doing very well with the Puffs and seems to enjoy real food much more than baby food.  I started with small piece of avocado, which he ate but didn't like too much.  He loves avocado puree but not the pieces.  I decided to start trying pieces of meat and fries and things.  It worked, he loves it.  He even had tiny pieces of cupcake... LOL

We had his 9 month doctor visit this week.  He did great.  One shot and orders for lab work.  He measured 27 3/4 inches and weighed 17 lbs 11 ozs!!! Doc said he hasn't gained enough and dropped another % for weight. Solution = start meats and beans. Otherwise Nolan is doing AWESOME!!

Here are some pictures from the week:

Sat himself up

Pulling himself up

LOL, balancing himelf with his arm

Standing up... such a big boy

Nine month photos... my little player

Ready to go for a ride

Happy baby

Yes, his pants are always falling off.  Mr. Skinny Butt

"Hi Mom!!"

Playing with is boo boo

Mommy and Nolan tipped the chair, YIKES

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