Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One Year Old Photo Shoot

Thanks to a wonderful and talented sister, Nolan's one year old photos are just wonderful.  Of course there are so many of them, I can't even narrow it down to a few to post.  Nolan was such a good sport, even with no morning nap he had smiles in mostly all of the pictures.  He did try to eat a few rocks, he broken Wyatt's pin wheel, and he absolutely loved his hunny pot cake.  All and all it was a great photo shoot!!!

Here are some of the many pictures... Um, there were close to 200 pictures taken.

The Tiggerific 1st Birthday Party

After tons of planning, a lot of work since they don't make Tigger decor, and hours of looking for awesome ideas, the day finally arrived.  Of course, we were down to the minute getting everything ready but we managed to finish with exactly three minutes to spare.  Shew!  Brian even got a shower prior to the first guest arriving... amazing!

I was able to complete the birth thru 12 month photo timeline and it was hung above the doorways for all to see.  It turned out so cute.  After two attempts on the bee hive pinata, that turned out awesome also.  I made Tigger bags for the kids because the stores didn't carry bags with ONLY Tigger.  The balloons were ready on time and looked awesome.  The orange, green, and yellow colors were amazing together.

Though the Tigger cake took forever (an hour drive one way to Aston to get Tigger and Mom at my house until 11:30pm the night before the big day) the cake was AWESOME!!!  OMG, the Tigger cake.... OH it was fantastic!  Nolan loved it!!!!  And I made the hunny pot smash cake too (yes!  I made it!!), which he didn't eat at the party since he had one just two days prior for his one year old photo shoot.  I added a few stuffed animal pooh and friends to the decor and used what was left of the baby shower pooh stuff.  Everything turned out great.

Nolan's high chair was even decked out in decorations.  I used orange, yellow, and green paper lanterns that lit up on his tray.  I got him a #1 balloon and tied that on the back of the chair.  And he had a mat on the floor that matched the streamer pattern of the 1st birthday theme.

I not only went all out on the cake, but I made #1 cookies for dessert also.  You can't have a first birthday and not have #1s all over the place.  I had ordered a cookie cutter but I wanted bigger number 1s also.  So, my thoughtful sister cut a #1 from cardboard that I was able to use to trace out #1s from cookie dough. Yes, she is the teacher in the family.

The kids seemed to enjoy the bee hive pinata and no one was injured while trying to break it.  My clothes line is broken but no person was injured.  Nolan loved it and got a kick out of hitting it.  I didn't think he would be into the whole pinata thing but he enjoyed it.

After several weeks of practicing the happy birthday song, when the time came to sing it Nolan was in shock.  There were so many people singing I just think he was overwhelmed.  I know that I was about to cry mainly because my baby turned 1 year old.  He knew it was for him though.  He kept looking at everyone then he would look back at his cake.  Of course, Mommy had to help him blow out his candle.  He wanted to but all he did was reach to grab at it.

After most people left we decided to allow Nolan to open his gifts.  Only a few of his cousins were left so it wasn't that big of a deal having all the kids in front of him.  He did okay and even opened a few on his own.  He loved the Cars riding toy that Aunt Heather got for him and the bouncy riding toy that Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sue got for him.  He received so many great toys.  He got a cozy coupe from Mommom and several books and outfits.  He will be receiving his wooden table and chairs from Nana and Grandpa and a train set from Gramps.  He got eatting ware (cups, plates, etc), books, puzzles, a drum set, baseball bat and ball set, a book reader, an Eagles jacket, the little people safari car,, money, a few more outfits, and a Phillies pillow pet.



Before the end of the evening, Aunt Heather took a few family photos for us.  Nolan, though tired and exhausted, did great.

After the long but fun day, Nolan finally crashed around 10:00 on the couch.  The poor kid was beat but he had an awesome day and a great first birthday celebration!