Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sick Day

Well, today was officially our first sick day.  Two Not even two weeks into daycare and little Nolan was sent home sick.  He had a low grade fever (100.5). 

I received the call around 11:00 and when I noticed it was from PA, I quickly answered it.  "Nolan is running a mild fever so he will need to be picked up."  Crap!  My baby is sick, this sucks.  I quickly called the doctor to get us an appointment, then asked to take a half day of sick time from work and I left.  Out the door I ran to get my little man. 

He slept all morning, 2.5 hours straight, which isn't normal for him.  He only ate one bottle and he just looked terrible.  We left daycare and headed right to the doctors.  When we got there he looked a bit better.  The nurse took his temperature and it was 100.5.  "Yep", she said, "a very low fever." 

The doctor came in and said she saw mucus in his throat and with the mild fever was sure it was the starts of an upper respiratory infection.  She said that there wasn't a need for antibiotics just yet, for us to use saline solution, a humidifier, and to have him sleep upright.  The doctor said it could get worse before getting better but that she wanted his body to do it job of fighting the cold.  If the fever gets above 102, she told us to come back. 

Before leaving the doctor's office, she asked to do a urine sample to ensure it wasn't a UTI.  She said that with UTI's the only symptom is a fever and she wanted to rule everything out.  Talk about a pain... My poor child had to have a bag stuck to him to collect the urine and then we had to wait.  Poor kid!  Well, the test came back normal, thank goodness.  So with that, we left the office and came home to spend the rest of the day sleeping to make it an official sick day!

Sleeping while waiting in the "Sick" waiting room.  I hate that side of the office.

Stretching while waiting for the doctor

He doesn't look sick.  :)

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Caroline said...

Praying for Nolan :)