Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Double Digits

Yes, we have entered the land of double digits.  Nolan is 10 weeks old today. 

I still find myself asking how time moves so fast, it just doesn't make sense to me.  How is he already 10 weeks old?  How does it go from 7am to 9pm in a blink of my eye every day? 

This week we spent a lot of time playing and working on tummy time.  We spent most of this week inside thanks to the weather but we were able to get in a few walks down our street.  We did visit with Mommom at her work for lunch and we went to Mommom's on Friday night.  That resulted in our first car ride home in the dark and little Nolan cried the entire way home.  Someone needs to invent a baby car light.  LOL 

We also went shopping on Saturday.  Interesting trip since Nolan pooped while in Penney's and had it all the way around him and up his back.  Nothing like getting it all over the nice new stroller, oh fun.  Sunday we went to church and witnessed two baptisms, which was nice since Nolan will be baptized this coming weekend. 

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment so I brought my grandmother along to help with Nolan while I was getting my teeth cleaned.  Thank goodness for her otherwise that office would have probably never let us back there.  Nolan decided he was not taking his morning nap yesterday and instead whined the entire time.  Afterwards we went out to lunch a the cutest little cafe and while my grandmother and I ate, Nolan slept. 

And that was our week.  Pretty boring and basic but we spent a lot of time together.  Here are a few photos from the week:

"Really?!  Please put that camera away!"

Protective Cody dog

He loves looking at this

Love those little lashes

"Don't cry Nolan, Cody dog is here"

Nolan talking to Mommy

Nolan and Daddy

"So if I move my feet then these things move.  Cool!"

Nolan and Mommy chillaxin'

Our little bubble maker

He is standing here.  He loves to stand!

And hey, why not end the week with a mooditude face.


Caroline said...

Happy Double Digits.

I know time goes by so fast. Great pics.
Thanx for sharing them.

Jessica said...

Yeaaa for double digits! He's so amazingly cute and handsome <3