Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Into the Hands of God

We couldn't have asked for a better day.  Maybe it was God's way of telling us that things are the way they are supposed to be or maybe it was his brother shining down on him.  Whatever the reason, Nolan's baptism day was beautiful. 

It was decided that Nolan would wear my father's baptism outfit.  This outfit has been in our family for 55 years and was worn by my father, my brother, and now Nolan.  It was washed several times very carefully, as it is made of lace, and ironed ever so gently. 

Gramps and Nolan

We got him dressed and ready to go in the comfort of his own room and prayed that he didn't christen the outfit on the way to the church.  Our prayers were answered as he was dry upon arrival, LOL. 

A total of three children were baptized yesterday, two boys (including Nolan and a little girl).  Of course, our family took up most of the church, but that's what happens when we have 11 grandchildren on one side.  The sun was brightly shining in on us during the service, as if Wyatt was trying to shine through to help welcome Nolan into the hands of God. 

Our family is so big it took two photos to capture everyone

Nolan's God parents

After the church, we returned to our house and hosted a huge celebration with friends and family.  The day was great.  The kids played on the moon bounce and the adults ate and enjoyed time together.  My aunt made Nolan's cake and it turned out incredibly cute.   

Yes, someone found his thumb!

The day was just perfect, absolutely perfect.