Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fourteen Weeks...

Fourteen weeks, oh my goodness!!! 

This week has brought a lot of firsts with it.  We had our first cold on Thursday which was realized by daycare and I received a call to come and pick Mr. Nolan up due to a fever of 100.5.  We had our first visit to the sick side of the doctor's office which mama wasn't to happy about, but that is life.  The doctor said that Nolan had the starts of an upper respiratory infection and to use a humidifier and saline solution to help clear everything up.  Since Thursday, I have called the doctors office twice because of being concerned with Nolan's breathing and stuffiness.  Nothing like an over concerned parent, LOL. 

Needless to say, with Nolan getting sick on Thursday, he didn't stay with Nana and Grandpa on Friday.  I felt horrible when I asked Brian to call and tell them that we weren't coming, but my baby just wasn't himself so I couldn't send him. 

As I said before, this week brought lots of firsts.  Nolan has laughed before with Brian but this week he actually laughed with me.  He also has really started to grab and hold objects, including my hair.  He loves to play with my hair.  He also enjoys holding onto the elbow of my shirt while I change him.  So cute!  I introduced a few rattles to him this week and he seems to like the thinner ones.  He is now actually holding them and lifting them up on his own.  Of course, he still loves his little dog that we named "Flappers" or "Flaps" for short. 

This weekend, though still feeling sick, Nolan helped carve his first pumpkin.  We were able to get a few good pictures of him actually sitting INSIDE the pumpkin.  So funny!

Oh and might I mention another first.... Nolan's first snow took place on Saturday, October 29.  Yes, OCTOBER!!  I wanted to take him outside to get a photo of his first snow, but he was sick and I didn't want to make it worse.  So, we can just talk about it.  The forecast started calling for snow on Friday.  I didn't believe it but sure enough, we got about an inch.  Never in my life has it snowed in October, not around here.  I think the weatherman said that the last time was in the 70's.  So yes, Nolan's first snow took place before his first Halloween. 

Then on Monday, Nolan had his first Halloween.  He had a parade at school and even received some cute little treats.  After school, we headed to Nana and Grandpa's and then ended the night at Mommom's.  Even with being sick, our little pumpkin had a good night.  He saw most of his cousins and smiled all night (except when he was hungry).

What a fun we this past week has been.  Even though he was sick and a bit cranky, this week was a lot of fun and brought many new an exciting memories. 

Photos of the week:
"I wasn't exactly ready for that picture!"

"Seriously, I can't look at you while wearing this silly thing on my head."

"Wait, you mean I can see myself in this thing?!  That's awesome!"

"I got scared cause Mommy said Boo...." (not really he was just mad)

Nolan and Mommy

The cutest baby pumpkin ever!!

"I smile cause I sit in a pumpkin, I laugh because you can't join me!!"

Pumpkin carving
Our pumpkin

Nana and Nolan

Grandpa and Nolan

"This, this is my cousin, Hayley, and she is a cow girl."  (hand on shoulder and all)

Trick or Treat at Mommom's
"I got rice!!! YUM"

Our First Halloween

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Caroline said...

Great pics & Sorry he was sick.
Happy Fourteen weeks & Happy Halloween Nolan !!!