Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thirteen Weeks

Oh my, how can it be? 
We woke up and it came to me.
Today is thirteen weeks
With those precious smiles and chubby cheeks.

Ah yes, another week has come and gone and now our Nolan is thirteen weeks old.  It truly is amazing how time flies and how a child can learn so much in such a short period of time.  Over the past week or so, Nolan has really started to coo.  He mimics the gurgling noises that I make and he knows that when he makes his little cooing noises that we will talk back to him.  He smiles non stop which is wonderful.  It doesn't matter what is going on in life, when I see that smile my world stops to enjoy it.  Nolan had found his hands a few weeks ago but he is now playing with them and biting on them all the time.  If he isn't eating, sleeping, or crying he can be found with his hands in his mouth.  Oh, and his feet.  Well, if I hold his feet up he loves to stare at them.  He started kicking at his toys in his bouncy chair a week or so ago, but he is now really good at it.  He can lift his feet and he understands what he is doing.  It is only a matter of time before he rolls over (for real this time).  He can get his feet over to one side but he struggles with that head of his.  Poor kid, he has the Lech head.  Sorry dude!

Nolan has been in daycare now for one week and one day.  He really seems to enjoy it.  When I drop him off in the mornings he goes right to the staff.  When I pick him up, he is normally in someones arms or sitting in a bouncy chair while other children are playing near him.  He is doing well with taking the bottle and then coming home to nurse.  He hasn't had any issues with feeding since he started daycare and believe me, his weight proves that.  In just the past few days we have noticed a huge change in his weight.  Nolan, my child, is getting fat.  LOL  No, not really fat, but he is packing on some meat.  I weighed myself and then weighed him and I together just the other day.  I couldn't believe my eyes!!  My son weighed in at 14 pounds.  What the heck, how did that happen?  Maybe it's those 4oz bottles that I am sending to daycare.

Speaking of bottles, this pumping at work thing is terrible.  One, I can't pump 4ozs in one session so I have to pump more times than Nolan actually eats while in daycare.  Two, being able to get in the number of sessions is working right now since I don't have to teach, but once I start teaching this could be impossible.  And three, an interior designer is definitely needed to decorate the "Mother's Room" that I use at work.  Omg, talk about a hole in the wall!  White walls with scuff marks all over them, two huge empty book shelves, one ugly chair, and a huge mirror that I stare at myself in while I pump.  Sounds inviting huh?  LOL

So what did we do this past week?  Well, Nolan completed four half days of daycare last week and then a full day yesterday.  He received all good remarks on his daily report card.  I had planned to take him for walks each day after daycare, but the mornings simply wore him out.  He did nothing but sleep all afternoon, which in the long run was good, cause Mommy was just as tired.  Talk about tired, yesterday was a killer.  I haven't worked a full day since June because of the surgeries and stones and stuff.  I was about to drop yesterday around 2:00.  And last night, well that was tough.  Needless to say, we were in bed by 9:30.

Tuesday and Wednesday were really spent doing nothing after daycare and work.  We basically sat in the recliner and slept all afternoon.  Thursday night my mom came over to see Nolan, so Nolan had some "Nolan and Mommom time".  Friday was a big day because it was time to celebrate.  Friday night we celebrated Brian's completion of his apprentice program at work.  It was a surprise and believe it or not, he really had no idea!  We went to a great Mexican restaurant in Avondale with both of our families.  The food was great and we had a good time.  Then on Saturday, Mommy, Mommom and Nolan went shopping.  I was in dire need of new work clothes (two pregnancies in one year can really do that to someone), so we headed out to Boscov's.  Nolan was great!  He started fussing because he was tired, but a crochet blanket that Mommy made took care of that.  I handed him the blanket, he rubbed it on his little face twice, and just like that he was asleep.  Can't ask for a better baby than that.  On Sunday, Brian worked so we skipped church.  I know, not good, but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it on my own.  After Brian finished work, he stopped at Lowe's and decided to pick up materials to build Nolan a toy box for the living room.  Now, Nolan already has one in his bedroom, but his Daddy decided he needed one for the living room too.  I am sure one day Nolan will treasure the one his Daddy built for him though. 

Yesterday was Nolan's first full day in daycare.  He seemed to be okay but he didn't smile much last night.  I honestly think that he was as tired as I was.  You know, there is a lot to look at in daycare and it can really be a lot of work.  HAHAHA.  But really though, it is a lot for a little baby, when you are in daycare for 10.25 hours each day.  Last night sucked.  Not just because we were all tired, but because I realized that my fear was reality.  Weekdays, I will only be able to spend about 2.5 hours with my son while he is awake.  Daycare gets the rest of his waking hours.  Sucked, well that isn't even the right word to use.  But the reality of it is, I don't have any other choice.  I make too much to not work.  Maybe one day though, maybe.

So, that was the week in review. 

On to another week and we are preparing for Nolan's first Halloween.  Here are a few photo from this week to view.  Get ready for next weeks post and for some adorable Halloween pictures!!!!

Nolan and his blankie

Mommom and Nolan

"Yes, I can see you!"

Happy baby

"Which hand do you think it in?"

And I love you!

Mr. Handsome

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