Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Angel Gave Me a Rainbow

Oh, there is so much to say, so many feelings being felt, and so little time to get it all down. Yes, our gift is here!!  After a rough delivery due to position and baby's heart rate dropping, he arrived via c-section at 1:38am on Tuesday, July 26.  He weighed in at 7lbs 12oz and was 20 inches long.  He was swollen and had cute little plump lips, dark hair, and chubby checks.  Our little Nolan James had finally been placed in our arms. 

After countless hours of waiting, praying, and wishing, he was welcomed into the world by his Mommy, Daddy, and Grandparents.  I have never seen Brian so happy.  He was scared at first when entering the OR room but after he heard that little cry (the dinosaur cry we call it now), Brian's face will filled with happiness, pride, and accomplishment.  It was as if he could run through the halls of the hospital.  He followed Nolan to the nursery, watched as the nurses cleaned him up, and showed our parents his new little boy.  He then came back to me in the OR recovery room, showed me a few pictures of Nolan and asked if he could return to the nursery.  He was happy, finally happy.  He told me before that he would not let his guard down until this baby arrived.  He didn't, but after the doctors said that we had a healthy little boy, the guard was let down and he was showing it!

We remained at the hospital until Friday, July 29 because of the c-section and kidney stones.  During that time, I had to learn how to breast feed, Nolan had to learn how to eat, and Brian had to learn how to change a diaper (LOL).  We all learned quick and fast.  The hardest part was the breast feeding, but after a few days that came too.  We couldn't have asked for better nurses.  Each nurse was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.  Our favorites were Grace, who was my nurse and Alice, who was Nolan's nurse.  Alice was amazing.  She was there from day one and without her I probably wouldn't be breast feeding.  She did more for me when it came to breast feeding than any of the lactation nurses did.  Alice was there for every feeding, she listened and cared, and she provided insight on the smallest things that would make the biggest difference. 

So what else did we do for the five days that we spent in the hospital?  Well, we didn't sleep very much.  Nolan was up every night and slept every day.  He is starting to get better now, but it is still a struggle.  I found myself thinking this morning that I actually like when he is up at night.  Why, you ask?  Because it is Mommy and Nolan time.  We had plenty of visitors come to the hospital to see us.  So many that there were days that were blurs to me.  There were conversations that I had with people that I know made no sense.  There were times when I even caught myself nodding off during conversations. 

It didn't matter to me that I could hardly hold a conversation or even stay awake.  What mattered to me was that my little boy was happy and healthy, that he was here in my arms, and that my angel gave me a rainbow.  Ironically, this figurine was created just a few days before our rainbow arrived.  It is made by The Midnight Orange and says so much.  I have this figurine on my Etsy wish list.

On Friday, July 29 we were released from the hospital.  It was time to go home, we were finally bringing our son home.  We packed up the room, dressed Nolan for his ride home, had hospital photos taken (which are more like professional photos), and waited for an escort to take us to the car.  Nolan loved his car seat and looked so cute.

As we left the hospital, emotions were soaring.  Happiness as we were going home with our healthy little boy.  Sadness because we never got the chance to do this with our first son, Wyatt.  A bit scared because the nurses told us that Nolan was getting close to losing that 10%, as he was down to 7lbs 1oz.  Amazed as this was the moment that we had been longing for and it took four tough years to get here. 

Brian went to get the car, put Nolan in back seat, and ensured he was buckled tightly in.  Then we headed home, the four of us, Mommy, Daddy, Nolan, and our angel who made all of this possible, Wyatt.


Sarah said...

I'm so so happy for you all. I think Nolan and Wyatt do look similar :)

And don't worry, my little man is 8 weeks and I still feel like I have no idea what I've talked about when I've had conversations with people. LOL

Ausmerican Housewife said...

:D Welcome lil Nolan! :D

Holly said...

So glad he is here! And I want that same sculpture too!