Sunday, August 28, 2011

Child's Eyes

One month and two days old and little Nolan has already experienced an earthquake and a hurricane, amazing.  I am just happy that neither caused serious damage and we are able to move on with our lives quickly.

It's amazing how much you can learn in one month.  While coming out of the womb knowing nothing more than how to move and breath in there, Nolan has already learn so much.  He knows my voice and looks for me when I speak to him.  He is starting to understand that he has to hold his "binks" (pacifier) in with his hand in order for it to stay.  He likes the water when he gets a bath, something most babies hate.  And he has already rolled over!  That's what he has learned.

What I have learned is life is truly a miracle.  How something so precious and perfect can be created in a matter of nine months I just don't understand.  Why all God's creations aren't perfect and why some have broken hearts is something else I will never understand. 

To look into my child's eyes everyday is a miracle.  To have my child's eyes watching over his family is ultimately another miracle (not one I ever wanted but God needed it that way). 

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Sarah said...

hehe its funny because Ahvi is 3.5 months old and STILL hasnt rolled over! lol My lazy guy.