Friday, August 19, 2011

Being His Mommy

Yes, I know, you probably thought I got lost.  Well, I have but not in the way you may have imagined.  No, I haven't lost my way to my computer, instead I have gotten lost in the sweet moments of the past three and a half weeks. 

The first week was spent in the hospital.  It was tough but we managed.  The pain meds for the kidney stones and the c-section made it hard to stay awake but I pulled through.  But holding our precious child, looking into his eyes, hearing his cry, it made everything so worth it, yes, even the kidney stones.

The second week I was scheduled for a stone surgery but it was canceled thanks to a wonderful UTI.  That allowed me time to go home and enjoy my precious gift.  Week two was spent feeding, changing LOTS of diapers, swinging in the swing, and trying to keep a little one awake during the day.  Talk about a need for newborn clothing.  If I have learned one thing, it is that I will forever buy one newborn outfit for baby showers going forward.  Nolan had nothing to wear the first few weeks because everything in his drawers and closet was WAYYYY too big.

This week has gone by so quick.  I had surgery on Monday and it took all day Tuesday to recover.  Staying home with a baby by yourself when you still have so much medicine in you is not fun.  We slept most of the day.  My stent came out today, which is great and we have made much success in joining a church and scheduling Nolan's baptism. 

I spend most days feeding, changing, entertaining, and repeating but I enjoy all of it.  I enjoy looking at the most precious face, listening to the little noises that are made, and most of all I enjoy being his Mommy!

Here are just a few photos from the past three weeks: 

As you can see, he is lost in his outfit but from the cute smile on his face, it appears it doesn't phase him.

This was the first time Nolan wore a two piece outfit, yes, pants and a shirt.  I thought he looked so grown up.

Ah yes, the head holder.  He constantly sleeps like this, hand under the head holding it up.

"Hey, will you talk to me Pooh?!"  Yes, I did it.  A pooh bear photo shoot.  Some of the photos turned out so cute.

Yes, I love this photo.  He looks so tiny, but this outfit fits him at least.  Yep, it is a newborn size.

My Captain Cutie!

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