Sunday, May 20, 2012

Forty-two weeks

Well this post if for sure late.  I thought about it all week and I kept meaning to download my photos to create the post, but with almost 2000 photos on the memory card time was an obstacle.  Yes, just to download the newer pictures it takes about 20 minutes for the computer to find them all.  I think it's time for me to go get a new card, as I don't delete ANY of my Nolan pictures!

Okay, so since this post is late and we are actually nearing week forty-three, let me think back two weeks ago to all the new adventures Nolan took us through. 

Nolan really started pulling himself up and standing on his own during this week.  His little tooth is trying to come through and as much as I thought the bottom ones were going to come first, he is getting the top teeth first.  He chews on everything but I would guess that's because his teeth hurt. 

He had to go get blood taken for his iron and lead tests this week.  I decided it would be best to take him to AI DuPont Children's hospital since they work with kids.  Talk about a great decision on my behalf, we were in, out, and only two little whimpers.  Amazing!!!  Nolan had his arm wrapped with a green bandage to match his camo pants and we were on our way home. 

Mother's Day was on the 13th and it was the first Mother's Day that I could celebrate by holding my child in my arms.  Talk about an amazing feeling.  Nothing like waking up to a precious little face.  Brian handed Nolan the cards to give to me and a picture frame.  It was so cute, Nolan put them out for me to grab as if he was really handing me the cards.  (Melts my heart thinking about it)  We took a few photos for the scrapbook (which I will work on one of these days.... maybe when Nolan's in high school LOL), played outside a bit, and then headed over to my sister's house to do dinner for my mom. 

After always saying that Nolan needs a pair of sunglasses, we finally got him two pairs at Wal-Mart.  The one pair looks just like Brian's and Nolan wears them around on his head (two peas in a pod those boys). 

We still have issues with keeping pants on.  What can I say, the boy has no belly.  He will be crawling and all the sudden turn around to find his pants laying several feet behind him.  It's funny but it is also a pain because it really limits what he can wear. 

Nolan is still into holding things.  This week his craze was over a giraffe teether.  The darn thing had to go with us everywhere.  It was cute watching him try to switch the giraffe from one hand to the other quickly while trying to get out of his car seat. 

Well, another week has gone by... time keeps creeping up on me.  I can't believe my little baby is going to be ten months soon.  I am already thinking about his first birthday, man time flies.  But I am sure enjoying every single moment that I can spend with this precious gift.  If you recall, I was laid off from work in November.  I spent a matter of three weeks back at work before I was told I was getting laid off.  So, I have spent almost every day with this little boy, AND I LOVE IT!!!!  I would rather be broke than miss my child grow up.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Playing with the dog toys instead of his

Mr. Handsome pants

Watching his TV

The green bandage from the blood work

"Look!!!  I am standing with my toys!"

Daddy and Nolan

"Happy Mother's Day Mommom, a calendar filled with me!"

Mother's Day!!!

Mommy's stud!

"Are you coming?  Let's go for a ride!"

Aunt Heather and Nolan on the Ipad

"These silly pants!"

Watching Daddy clean up the water mess

The toy of the week!

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