Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Forty-One weeks

Yes, another week has come and gone.  It still amazes me how quickly time flies by when you are watching your child grow up.  One day is Monday and the next is Friday, I just don't get it. 

We actually did a lot this week.  Nolan is really learning to do so much and he is getting into everything.  He is learning to eat more solids and tested out some pork, chicken, and mac n cheese this week.  He enjoyed eating real food and makes these cute little faces while he gums at the meats. 

Nolan is now screeching and talking more each day.  He mimics the noises that we make at him when his is not supposed to be playing with something.  He is also starting to smack the floor when he gets in trouble.  Yikes!  The attitude is starting already. 

He still doesn't crawl on all fours, I think he is just lazy.  Why learn to crawl on all fours when they why he crawls now works just fine?  Nolan is however, holding onto things and taking them with him on his crawls.  He'll grab onto a stuff animal and move it into the next room or he will get a dog toy and move that.  For two days this week he had hold of a granola bar and never let it go.  He slept with it.  Yes, not joking!

Pulling himself up he has accomplished.  He now will just pull himself up anywhere.  I was putting dishes away and turned around and he was standing against the dishwasher pushing the drawer in and out.  He pulled himself up to play with a toy with the little girl that I babysit.  He even pulls himself up to watch the tub fill up for his bath.  Moments that are just so cute!!!

He is really starting to enjoy playing with the kids I watch.  He will crawl with them and go from room to room to play with them.  The week we had a bit of a casualty.  Poor Nolan was crawling and trying to keep up with the older kids when he crawled full force into the corner of the door frame.  Nothing like an all out scream fest for a few minutes but he survived.

We also went to the beach this week.  It was so much fun and I will be posting another blog just about the excitement that we had.  We went down just for the day with my Mom and it was wonderful.  The ride home sucked since Nolan screamed the entire time, but the day was very enjoyable. 

Here are a few pictures from the week:

"Here Cody, clean me please!"

"I love you Daddy!!"

Can you find the baby?  That's right, all those toys and he has to play inside the cabinet.  Amazing!

This was he most popular granola bar.  It visited every room in the house, made it through countless diaper changes, took naps with Nolan, went on car rides, and even out to dinner with Nolan.

And he sleeps

"Let me see if I can get a closer look by pulling myself up here."

He can stand in his crib now.

His shirt is very fitting.  HERE COMES TROUBLE!

Nolan's first time at the beach

He loved it!

Not sure which Mommom loved more: the beach or being with Nolan

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