Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forty-four weeks

Our little gift has mastered the standing position.  He is officially pulling himself up on EVERYTHING, getting into EVERYTHING, and he has even started moving from one object to another (sorta walking). 

From cabinets, laundry baskets, dog bowls, and chairs nothing is safe when it comes to Nolan.  The kid will put EVERYTHING in his mouth.  He was playing outside and I caught him trying to eat the mulch.  He plays in the fridge if he gets in there quick enough before I shut the door, the other day I caught him helping himself to the grapes.  Yep!  I had to get two of them out of his mouth.  His newest trick is following us to the bathroom so when we flush the toilet he can stand and watch it.  Gross?  Yes.  But my son loves it. 

He loves Cody, but I think I have mentioned that before.  He loves that dog, I am not sure what he would do if something happened to Cody.  He gets a kick out of giving Cody his toys, standing up near Cody, or just letting Cody lick his hands. 

Nolan loves kids.  We went to my sister's memorial day party this weekend and he played with this little girl.  He seemed to enjoy himself.  He loved his time in the pool with her, it was so cute.  He also watched me hold a baby and he did very well with it.  I thought he would freak out but he didn't honestly care.  Nolan is getting better when we have to go clean houses.  He is learning to play by himself more and he doesn't want to constantly be held.  He is also doing well with the kids that I am babysitting.  Nolan likes to follow them around. 

The biggest news of the week is that Nolan's first tooth has finally come through the gum.  It isn't all the way down, but it is through.  The second top tooth is also close to coming out. 

His has been making this sound now for about two or three weeks it goes something like this, "kee-kee".  I don't know what he is trying to say, but he says it all the time.  It's so cute.  He is also starting to say Cody and it goes something like this, "Cccco-gggeee".  Love it!  He has already done the whole Mama and Dada thing so these are new, additional words. 

We went to get professional pictures done this week.  It was so cute.  Nolan wore his "birthday outfit" (not sure it will fit then but the colors match his theme so I wanted photos for his invites".  We also did an outfit change and had sports photos taken.  They came out cute and were much cheaper than his newborn photos. 

Nolan has mastered the sippy cups, although they aren't the sippy cups, they are ones with straws in them.  He loves those cups!  He has been getting a pear juice and water mix for the past few weeks and he really likes it.  He new foods this week included:  hot dog, ice cream (just a little bit), flavored water (out of Mom's bottle), macaroni salad, and beans.  He loved all of it. 

Of course this weekend was hotter than heck and our pool was still closed.  So, we sat around Nolan's baby pool and watched Daddy open the big pool..... We can't wait to swim in the big pool. 

Photos from the week:


Helping Daddy surf the web on his phone

Fun with Cody

"Hi Mom!!!" ~ standing against the recliner

His cuppie

Swingin' swingin'

Baby jail

This kid moves quick!!

Watching Daddy from the door

"This green stuff is cool."

Having fun!!

Tough guy just pulled himself up on the changing table shelves

Memorial Day!

About to get in...

"You're beautiful!!"

He loved it even though that water was freezing!

Getting out

Seeing baby Edie

Playing with baby Edie

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