Monday, May 28, 2012

Forty-three weeks

Well... this week was nothing but standing up EVERYWHERE!!!

The kid is getting too big too quick.  He pulls himself up on everything and he gets a kick out of himself.  He gets into it ALL.  The dog food, bathroom cabinet, the dryer... you name it and he has gotten into it. 

This was really the first week that Nolan pulled himself up more than a few times and let me tell you, after more than a few it has been a continuous thing.  He is also enjoying more everyday foods like pieces of bread, french fries, potatoes, pears, and meats.  He loves pieces of chicken, though they take him forever to chew. 

We used his little pool for the first time this week and after making sure the water was not too cold, he was in it and loved it.  Daddy couldn't stand the fact of filling it with cold water from the hose, so the five gallon bucket came out filled with warm bath water.  Such a smart Daddy. 

Nolan is really starting to become so much fun.  Not that he wasn't before, but he is now able to move and do things.  He can play on his own and he LOVES the dogs.

Standing was the main item on Nolan's agenda this week.  The only other item was to get his first tooth to finally come through.  After weeks of saying that we thought we saw the bottom teeth coming through, what do you know the first tooth to almost pop through is the front upper right tooth.  The upper left front tooth isn't far behind and the bottom can hardly be seen.  Well, at least something in the tooth department has finally happened. 

Here are a few photos from the week (of course most are of him standing!!!):

"I. can. do. it!!!"

"Now how does this thing move?"

"This is my kitchen and I can eat whatever I want!"

Story time with Daddy

First time eating spaghetti

Lovin' the noodles

First time in his pool

Cooling off

He loves this boat

Trying to get that tooth through

"Got my sunblock, see!!!"

"Where's that sand at???"

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