Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seventeen Weeks

And another Tuesday is here, so it makes our little gift 17 weeks old now.  How in the world can this be? 

Well, this week was filled with fun.  After being laid off last Tuesday, I decided to pull Nolan out of daycare.  His last day was last Thursday and it was both happy and sad for us.  Happy because Nolan and Mommy get to have time together but sad because Nolan had to leave his friends and teachers. 

On Friday, Daddy's birthday, Nolan and I went shopping.  After shopping all day and coming home and doing some Online shopping, we are down to only two Christmas presents left to purchase.  Daddy worked all weekend, since I am not making any money, and Nolan and I played and talked with each other.

This week Nolan has developed so much.  He is understanding that the more sounds he makes the more attention he will get... LOL  He also has started to really mimic the sounds that we are making.  He enjoys watching television and he just started using his jumparoo (not that he can touch the ground in it, but that's what a pillow is for!)

Oh, and he is laughing a lot now!!!  I love it!  We were standing in the kitchen the other night and I was doing "so big" with him.  I then started to say "Dada" and he was just giggling up a storm.  These are moments that I will never give up. 

I have decided that the job that I lost was just that, a job.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Spending time home with my child is so much more important than that job.  Do I question how we are going to make it, yes.  Do I think it will be possible, yes.  Do I trust that everything has a reason, YES!  I believe the reason I lost my job is because I was meant to stay home with my son and enjoy him while he grows up.

Well, until next week.... Happy Thanksgiving and stay tuned for fun Turkey Day pictures!!!

Here are a few pictures from the week: 

"I see you!"

My precious baby

"Put that thing away, please... I am going to cry."

"Now this, this is interesting.  Let me see here."

"Come here darn it"

Smiling with Mommy!

"I can't take it any more...."

Look at the arm, just chillin!!!

"Okay, so the stuff goes on the plate, then into the mouth.  I get it, now can I have some?!"

Yea, his feet don't touch the ground.

Mr. Serious

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