Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fifteen Weeks.. OH MY!

Man this week flew by!

It started with picking out school (well, daycare) pictures.  So much fun!!!   Nolan had three great poses, one of which was his classic pose.... Nolan with his middle finger up.  Amazing.

Nolan was picked up from school on Thursday and taken right to the doctors, yep another fever.  He was really congested but the doctor said it was still just a cold.  SHEW!

Friday was a Nolan and Mommy day as we spent a lot of time snuggling!!!  This is the best kind of day in my book.

The weekend was spent making the best turkey hat ever.  Poor kid....

Nolan is really starting to interact and laugh now.  He is so close to really rolling over, maybe another week or so.  He can sit pretty good in his Bumbo now, he just needs minor assistance.  Oh, and "binkie" not really sure what happened.... but "binks" is not used much, hardly ever.  Of course he still loves his "Flapper" dog and his blankie. 

All and all this week was pretty uneventful but Nolan continues to grow so fast.  In fact, he weighed in at 12lbs 10ozs at the doctors on Thursday. 

Here are some pictures from the week:
Milk coma...

He loves Flaps... what can I say.

Chillaxin' and getting in some TV time.

"Look at me I can hold my own toys now!!!"

"Hmmm, this is pretty awesome!"

"Are you people SERIOUS?!"

"Daddy is so funny!!!"

"Make it stop.... please."

"Seriously, get this turkey off of me!"

"Dude, I give up.... Yes, I can sit in my chair now."

Bath time!!!

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