Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eighteen weeks!!!

Holy moly!!!  We are at eighteen weeks already.  This week has been fun and exciting. 

Milestones this week include ~
- Finding mommy's mouth and putting hands in it
- First Thanksgiving which was celebrated at Aunt Heather's
- Learning to reach and grab for the mobile of the floor mat (and putting it in the mouth)
- Figuring out how to scream ---- oh the joys... lol
- Fighting off sleep - more now than before
- Giggling and laughing out loud
- Turned four months old (how can this be?)

This week was so much fun.  Nolan is starting to become more aware of his surroundings and enjoys making lots of noise.  He loves putting his hands in my mouth and watching me pretend to bite them.  He also learned how to scream or screech.  So cute but when he does it in the doctor's office, not take cute.  LOL

Nolan's first Thanksgiving was great.  We celebrated over at Aunt Heather's with Justin's family and ours.  Even my Dad came down for the day.  It was one of the best turkey days in a very long time. 

Brian finished Nolan's toy chest this week also.  It turned out great.  We are just waiting for the stain smell to diminish a bit before we begin using it. 

We celebrated November birthdays at Nana and Grandpa's this weekend.  Uncle Sean came home also so it was nice to see him since he has been away at college. 

This weekend my sister came to the park with us and took our Christmas pictures.  The weather was perfect since it was in the upper 60s.  The pictures turned out awesome.  We really couldn't have asked for anything better. 

Yesterday we spent much of the day at the park with cousin Hayley.  Hayley rode her bike (which I accidentally broke the horn off of while attempting to load it into my car with the stroller ~ stroller ended up in the front seat with me) and Nolan rode in the stroller along side of her.  We ended up playing on the barn at the park and Nolan loved watching the kids. 

All and all, this week was incredible.  Although I am laid off with no return to work, I am enjoying every single moment while being a stay at home mom.

Here are some pictures from this week:

Love this picture


Four month picture

Four months

"They call me prepster"

"This is the life.  Need some sand for my toes though."

"What did you say?!  I didn't pick it out my mom did!"

Outfit number two ~ "Yes, I need one after that first outfit.  Thanks!"

Happy Birthday everyone including Daddy

"That cake is on fire..... oh it's a candle, COOL."

At the park

Hanging out with cousin Hayley

"Hmmm let me think about this.... you said Marines?!"

Say cheese!!

"See me stand"

Love this

Mommy and Nolan

Daddy and Nolan

This is the Christmas picture..... love it!

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Anonymous said...

this is a very cute christmas picture of the three of your family..