Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nineteen Weeks....

Today our little gift turned nineteen weeks old, this on the same day that marked eighteen months since we lost our little Wyatt.  Man, how life can change so much in one year.  Well, it can change in a blink of an eye, as I learned eighteen months ago, but over this past year so much has changed too.

This week was so much fun.  Nolan is really starting to interact.  He laughs out loud so much and his giggle is just contagious.  He is starting to be ticklish under is neck and he makes this cute little noise when you blow in his face.  He loves his jumper (even with the pillow under it) and he enjoys getting a bath.  He will kick and splash in his tub now.  As for teething, yes they are coming.  He chews on his hands about 90% of the time that he is awake, the rest of the time he tries to get his feet.  Oh my, he loves his feet.  If his socks are on, he pulls and pulls until they come off.  He started really screeching and now he is blowing raspberries.  It was like we went to bed one night and woke up the next morning and he was blowing raspberries... amazing!

We had our four month doctor appointment this week.  Yes, two shots and one drinkable.  He did good, cried but was better in the afternoon than last time.  We also had to have his weewee checked.  Poor kid, the skin was growing over and it had to be pulled back.  OUCH!!!  Guess who got to do that... yep, Mom.  OMG... it was torture.  I was crying and he was screaming in the bathroom.  Two days later he was checked at the doctor and he had a minor infection.  Well no kidding..... I wanted to slap the doctor. 

At the same doctor visit, while waiting in the lobby, my child was made fun of by the first person outside of our family.  The little girl was looking at Nolan and after I took him out of the car seat she said "hims ears are different."  Her dad said "Mirianna, if you don't have something nice to say", she interrupted and said "I didn't say anything mean, I said different."  The girl was five, but still.  My poor child, please let him grow into his ears!!

Nolan had more Christmas pictures taken this week... they turned out awesome!!  Speaking of Christmas... Brian put the lights up which include pooh, tigger, and Santa.  Nolan's face was priceless when he saw everything lit up. 

Oh and how could I forget.... Nolan started rice this week.  What a mess!!  The first night was horrible.  We had gags, raspberries blowing rice everywhere, and even a huge throw up.  Saturday morning wasn't much better.  By Saturday night he was starting to get it and Sunday was opening his mouth for the spoon.  We are only doing rice once a day now since it caused Nolan bad gas.

Although we hardly leave our house, this staying home thing is wonderful.  Watching my baby grew up is the best thing ever!!!

Pictures from this week:

Early morning baby

Daddy and Nolan

First time eating rice...

"What the heck is she feeding me???"

Blowing raspberries while playing

"Seriously... I don't think it's that cold out there!  This isn't A Christmas Story."

~ Attempt three ~
"I'll only eat it if I can hold it."

"You should try this, it's soooo good...... not!"

Santa baby

Fingers are just delicious to eat

Model pose

Dear Santa,
I don't need anything for Christmas this year.  I found my feet!
Love, Nolan

"Seriously, fingers are great"

"Make her stop, PLEASE!"

"Yo lion, what are you looking at?!"

"Um... he seems a bit big and a little scary."

Daddy did good work setting everything up.

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