Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You?

"Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?"

I was at work.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  I walked into Eckerd's at 8:00a to start my shift in the photo lab, a job I absolutely loved.  As I clocked in, I noticed the date on the punch clock which said 9/11/01.  My manager was standing there and I recall saying to him, "Alan, today is going to be a bad day."  He asked why and I responded with, "because today is 911".  I was no way serious nor did I ever think that something would happen only 46 minutes later that would change America forever.

I remember my photo manager calling me at 9:00a and saying that I needed to pull the portable TV out of the cabinet and turn it on to watch the news.  She stated that there was major news taking place in NY and that it was something the employees at the store needed to see. 

I couldn't believe my eyes.  A huge hole in the side of the building.  Amazing footage but yet scary, super scary.  Several calls came in from employees saying they weren't going to come into work due to fear, I didn't blame them.  The store closed early that day and I remember going back to Brian's and being glued to the television. 

I recall the days after 9/11.  There were flags flying from homes, cars, and businesses. People were at their all time friendliness and ensured they went out of their way for each other.  I remember developing pictures in the photo lab of the aftermath of 9/11.  The pictures were like something out of a horror movie.  These are the things I remember. 

Ten years later, 9/11 is not forgotten.  I still can't believe something like 9/11 could have ever happened to our country.  I also can't believe it has been ten years.  So much has happened in ten years.  College graduation, marriage, purchase of a home, birth of two children, loss of one child, and learning what life is all about.

Where was I when the world stopped turning? 

I was in a different stage of life where I had no clue what lied ahead.

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