Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seven Weeks

Again I sit here in disbelief that yet another week has come and gone.  My baby is now seven weeks old. 

This past week there was so much going on.  We took our first trips to the mall and to the outlets this week.  Nolan was wonderful during both trips.  Saturday we went to visit Brian's grandmother, Bop, before she left for Vermont again.  It was great to see how excited she was to hold little Nolan.  Several of Brian's siblings were also visiting their grandmother while we were there, so Nolan was able to see some of his cousins.  One of the best moments was when cousin PJ (1 year old) realized that Nolan was there.  PJ wanted to help feed him.  It was so cute.

First trip to the mall

Visit with Bop

Super cute moment with cousin PJ

Nolan is just getting so big.  It seems as though this week was a milestone for so much.  I am feeling more comfortable with Nolan as he continues to grow and gain weight.  Nolan is really lifting his head well and he is turning it from side to side to look around.  He also has found his hands and enjoys grabbing and holding my hand while eating. The smiles have started!  Every now and then we can make him smile whereas before he would smile just in his sleep.  Oh, and the giggling too.  It has only happened two or three times, but he is actually giggling now.  I caught him twice in his sleep doing it.  Makes you wonder just what he is dreaming about.  Nolan enjoys his bouncy chair and when in a good mood will coo to the toys.  When Brian and I talk to him and make funny noises he will occassionally coo back to us.  It is so amazing. 

Of course we enjoy every moment together.  Nolan sleeps most of the morning and is up for a large chunk of the afternoon.  We do tummy time (briefly because he hates it), go for walks, watch TV, and lay together.  This week we watched Yo Yabba Yabba and Nolan loved it.  I honestly didn't think that he would actually watch the TV.  I thought he would just listen to the sound and enjoy the noise, but he was actually watching the show.  When the show went to commerical break Nolan started to cry.  No lie.  As soon as the show was back on the crying stopped.  Amazing!

Nolan is still a little too small for most of his clothes.  He fits in some of the 0-3 months but not many.  Yes, he is seven weeks and he is still wearing newborn outfits.  Ah well.  Nothing wrong with being small.  Good things come in small packages, right?  I was able to get him into one of my favorite outfits from the shower.  The shorts were still big and the hat, well that was still enormous, but he looked cute. 

The cutest outfit ever!

Yes, this week was busy and loads of fun.  I still can't get over the fact that my little baby is already seven weeks old.  It is crazy how fast time flies by.  It is even more crazy how much a child learns in just a few weeks.  I am enjoying every single moment with this little guy as I watch him grow.  He continues to bring smiles to our faces and love to our hearts.

Here are a few more photos from this week:

Cody is trying to figure out just why Nolan is crying

"Gee, really?!"

Nolan and Mommy

Stickin' the tongue out

My alert and adorable little man

Think he's comfy?

Fist pounds with Daddy

Precious little hand

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