Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twenty-seven weeks

Another fun week, as I am still out of work and home wit my favorite little guy.  We did a lot this week and had tons of fun.  We cleaned my mom's house, finished the pantry project, made Valentine's gifts, and went to Hayley's birthday party at the zoo. 

We made these cute little cards that I framed for Valentine's Day.  I painted Nolan's foot red and we stamped his little feeters on the paper.  After adding the date and his name, we framed them.  Super cute.

Wednesday we cleaned my mom's house and Nolan was just rolling all over the place.  He is able to push himself to move but he can only move backward. Poor kid, hopefully he will start moving forward soon.

Thursday was the big day, SIX months old.  Six months, how in the world.... Sadly, when Nolan hits another milestone, that day is spent at the doctors for shots.  Yes, we had a six month visit and he received three shots and one drinkable vaccine.  We decided to get him the flu shot since his cousin just had the flu, better to be safe than sorry.  Nolan didn't do very good with the shots this time.  He was so tired and he screamed for about an hour straight starting around 2:00.  He is growing so big though.  He was 16lbs 4oz and was 26 inches in length.  His head was still measuring 17 inches round.  The doctor said that Nolan could start to eat fruits and veggies with breakfast, introduce a lunch, and with dinner.  We also received a prescription for the urologist so they can look at Nolan's circ (cause I still have concerns about it). The nurse also said that Nolan should start on fluoride water (only since the drops were on back order).  I accepted the idea but haven't given Nolan any of the water yet. 

Friday night we went out to dinner with my mom.  After an hour of a scream match with Nolan, he found his happy place and we were able to go.  I think he was just still feeling some of the shots and not feeling too well. 

Saturday we spent much of the day at the zoo for Hayley's birthday.  It was a bit chilly, but it was fun.  Nolan liked the bison and the donkey.  Mommy and Daddy liked the giraffe. 

Sunday Daddy headed back to work for overtime and Mommy and Nolan did housework.  And Monday we spent the day doing wash and going to the grocery store. 

Nolan has started to put his arm around my neck when I pick him up if he is crying, like he is giving me a hug.  So cute.  He has also realized that the more he cries the more attention he gets.  Nolan decided on Wednesday that he was done with eating.  He got progressively worse throughout the week to the point that he was only eating a few spoonfuls of cereal and fruit/veggies.  He was also really grabbing his ears, but he just had them checked at the doctors.

I started making homemade food for Nolan.  Once we get past this "not eating" phase, I will be introducing the homemade food.  I have already made sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, and apples.

Nolan is really into the "Where is Nolan" game.  He will cover his face with something and wait for me to scream "where is Nolan?"  He also still loves his baths and is super ticklish (under the arms, neck, and on his sides).  He loves and must hold my shirt when he eats and goes to sleep. 

The best moment of all this week.... Nolan has said "mama".  And he continues to say it.  He mostly does it when he is tired or mad or wants to be held.  It melts my heart. 

Here are moments from the week:

"Sounds like Michael Jackson, right?"

Just chillin'

"I will get this dog"

"Panda, your my best friend."

Six months

Homemade baby food!!!

"Not listening.... you can't make me eat it."

"I made my new house mom... yup, it's waterproof too!"

"Still not eating!"

"Seriously, I'm not playing.... I will not be eating."

Day at the zoo

It was chilly, Mommy had to wear Daddy's jacket

Jimmie the Giraffe

Lokking at the donkey

Aunt Heather and Nolan

Daddy and Nolan

"Yum cookies!"

Doggie party

"Happy Woof Day"


Caroline said...

Yay for everything & great pitures. Growing up so fast.

A HUGE Yay for saying Mama.

Shannon said...

Loving all the new pictures he is growing so big and Yay for saying MAMA!!