Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twenty-four weeks

Oh how this week went by so fast.  There was just so much going on with my Mommom's funeral services that life continued to move while everything else was slowed down.  Nolan sadly had to attend his first viewing and funeral services this week.  He came out to the grave also although he slept through the grave services. 

My dad came down this week so Nolan was able to spend some time with his Gramps.  After the funeral services and the lunch, I took Brian home and Nolan and I returned back to my Mom's house.  Gramps was there too, so Nolan was able to play with him for a while. 

We didn't do very much this week other than the viewing and funeral, that felt like enough for several weeks.  Nolan was great during everything.  Several family members even commented on how they never even heard him at the funeral home. 

At this point, Nolan loves his cereal.  He knows that he gets some in the morning and at night.  He used to get cereal about an hour after waking up in the morning and around 8:30 at night, but with the services for my Mommom, the night feeding was bumped to 7:00.  Now Nolan cries to eat at 7:00 every night, so 7:00 it is.  LOL

We did go to the park this week.  Yes, the park in January in PA, imagine that.  The weather is crazy and it was in the mid 50's so we were park bound on Saturday.  Of course, like most trips to the park, Nolan fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up until we arrived home from the park.  Nothing like not even knowing that we went to the park at all. 

Nolan loves to move, jump, and talk.  He is constantly moving and loves his jumparoo (thank you Aunt Heather!).  He gets that thing jumping so fast, I even asked Brian if he thought that the jumparoo could cause Shaken Baby Syndrome.  (Yes, I was serious because he jumps that hard and fast in it.)  Nolan doesn't mind laying on his belly as much anymore and it seems like only time until he is really rolling around.  I put him on the floor while I ran to the bathroom and when I came out he was on his belly, so I know he can roll when he wants to. 

Here are a few photos from the week:

"And in the right corner weighing 16 pounds is Nolan the Great!"

"Look, I am getting myself ready to crawl!  Knees up, hands out, I just can't push yet."

Sleeping at the park

Scratch on the nose in his Best Little Brother shirt

"Yes?!  What, I can't help it, I LOVE JUMPING!"

Airplane with Daddy

"Hey Mom"

Nolan and Cody

Hanging with Daddy... literally!

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