Monday, January 9, 2012

Twenty-three weeks....

The past week was a bit of a blur as it wasn't such a great week. 

We went to visit with Mommom on Tuesday and she was able to recognize all of us, talk a bit, and hold Nolan.  She watched him open his Christmas presents, let him play with her feet (under the blanket), and held him for a short time before he started hurting her feeding tube.  Before leaving, Mommom gave Nolan a lot of kisses and said he was getting SOO big. 

By Wednesday things had gotten worse.  Mommom was admitted back into the hospital and she was going down hill very quickly.  Brian and I went to visit with her while Nolan stayed with his Nana and Grandpa.  Thursday wasn't any better.  The nurses told my uncle that she had less than 24 hours before she would lose her fight.  My sister and I went to visit with her at the hospital and again Nolan stayed with Nana. 

While in the shower on Friday morning, I received a call from my Mom that Mommom had passed at 10:03a.  Sadly God took another wonderful person from our lives.  I wish she didn't have to go but I am pleased to know that she didn't have to suffer for too long.  When the cancer hit the final stage, it hit fast and quick.  May you rest in peace and look over Wyatt my dear Mommom.  We love you forever. 

Saturday we relaxed and watched TV while preparing to head over to my sister's for New Year's Eve.  Around 6:00 we were going to head over but Brian still needed to get in the shower.  By 6:30 we had one sick baby on our hands.  Brian had picked him up and he got sick all over him.  After calling the doctor and waiting 45 minutes for the return call, Nolan had falling asleep after crying for two straight hours.  The doctor seemed to think it was an ear infection but without a fever said there was no reason to bring him in. 

Sunday was New Year's Day and we went out to get a new vacuum cleaner, which I must say I absolutely love!  From there, we went over to my Mommom's to sort through pictures for the photo boards at the funeral.  Nolan was so cute.. he went to everyone and eventually fell asleep.  After putting him on the chair, I looked over a few minutes later and he had one foot propped up on the arm of the chair like he was just chillin'.  So cute!

Monday we went shopping with my Mom to pick out something for my Mommom to wear.  That was not an enjoyable experience.  I give my Mom credit though, because she did it without shedding a tear.  After shopping for several hours, we drove home and called it a night. 

Nolan has developed even more over the past week.  He is rolling and able to scoot himself around on the floor.  He doesn't move too far, but he can change positions.  He is really talking up a storm and he makes sure everyone knows he is there.  He is starting to really enjoy his cereal and he is growing like a weed. 

Here are a few photos from the week:

Nolan and his great aunt

Nolan's Christmas with Mommom

Playing with Mommom's toes

Mommom and Nolan

"She is MY Mommom too!"

Five Month photo

"Yea, I know I'm cute!"

"All this bouncing has me tired."

"The beer doesn't help much either.  I am just soooo tired."

"This is the new gang sign for what's up."

"Please Mom, I am sick!  Put the camera away!"

Some tired boys


"See my panda?!"

LOL.. didn't realize the dog was sitting there too!

"Look Dad, I hunted me a panda!"

Um, yet.. he does look like his Uncle Sean

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