Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twenty-five weeks

Another week older... man time needs to slow down.  Before we know it, Nolan will be six months old. 

This week was fun.  Nolan has developed so much.  He is doing so much more.  He rolls over all the time now.  Once he figured out that rolling gets him to move around on the floor, he can't stop doing it.  He is really trying to crawl and he can scoot a bit while laying on his belly to move to wear he needs to be to roll over to get his toys.  He is really laughing now and he loves the dogs.  He started really acknowledging the dogs the other day and now he loves when the come near him and laughs and smiles non-stop. 

Nolan has this thing that he does in the car when he is tired, he starts making this noise but what he really wants is someone to sing to him.  If I start singing, he is asleep in less than a minute... so cute. 

He loves getting a bath, something he has loves since he was a baby.  I undress him and stand him up on the ledge of the tub.  He gets so excited, smiles and bends at his knees and does his little "naked baby" dance.  Oh my gosh, it is so cute!!! 

Nolan sleeps in his crib for all naps and does fine.  In the next week or so, we are going to try to get him in his crib at nighttime. 

Nolan still loves his jumperoo, so much so, that several times this week he has fallen asleep while jumping. 

This week we made chocolate covered pretzels, asked Daddy to start converting the closet in the kitchen so we had more room for baby food, and finally put the Winnie the Pooh quote on the wall in the nursery. 

Nolan had baby food for the first time this week, bananas were his first food.  He didn't like them at first, but after a few bites mixed in with his cereal, he was a fan.  Then just last night he had peaches in his cereal.  He definitely didn't like them.  He tollerated them for about five minutes and then he decided that was enough.  I can say, I love the fact that he is starting to eat real food development wise, but I do not love the smell coming from his diapers now. 

We went shopping with my Mom yesterday and I was changing a poop diaper, I did nothing but gag.  Oh, the joys of being a parent!!!  LOL

Here are a few photos from the week:

"Look at me... I roll!"

Mid roll

"Don't mess with me Cody, I'm trying to roll over."

Sleeping in jumparoo

Yummy pretzels

"We love it... thank you Aunt Liz!"

Just chillin'

"Me and my new 9 month sleeper."

Sleepy boys

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