Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twenty-two weeks

Wow, what a week.  From my Mommom getting admitted to the hospital, learning the cancer moved to her brain, and her not being here for Christmas to Nolan's first Christmas life was lived in the fast lane this week.

Nolan had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday for his little wee wee again.  The doctor said that over time everything will grow the way it should and the skin will not be an issue.  Nolan was weighed but this time with his clothes on.  He was 15lbs 13ozs.  So I figure, minus the clothes and wet diaper he is probably like 15lbs. 

Mommy had a doctor's appointment later that same day for what I thought was another ear infection, but it turns out it was just sinuses.  Thank goodness. 

We found out Wednesday that Mommom only has about 2 weeks to 2 months until the cancer could take her from us.  Brian, Nolan and I went over to the hospital to see her.  She looked horrible.  Her right eye was closed and she kept choking on her food.  Her voice was real horse and she just looked awful. 

We had Christmas with Ryan, Sue and Hayley on Thursday since they were going down to Tennessee for the holidays.  Talk about lots of gifts, wow.  Brian and Ryan got marshmallow shooters from Heather, that was pretty cool.  Poppop was there also, which was nice.  He finally saw Nolan for the first time since hes been born.  Mom received the family photos, which was Ryan's gift to her.  She simply loved them. 

Friday was a day of just wrapping, relaxing, and playing with Nolan.  Nothing but enjoyable.  Saturday we had Christmas with Brian's dad and step mom.  Talk about a lot of kids, too many gifts, and some yummy food. 

And of course, Sunday was Christmas.  Nolan's first Christmas was a huge success.  The morning was just us and our little angel Wyatt.  Nolan enjoyed opening his gifts and he loved his new little kitchen.  Daddy loved his gifts and the helicopter he opened the night before.  I received an awesome video camera and a cute photo frame that touched the heart.  Mommom came over afterwards and Gramps showed up shortly after that.  Heather and Justin arrived too.  Oh and they are now engaged!!!  So exciting. 

Dad brought down two 14 feet blow up toys for the front yard, a snowman and a Santa.  Brian was loving it all.  Nolan just looked at them.

Nolan loved his step and play piano, his activity walker, and the ball blowing elephant.  He has already worn two of his new outfits.  And he really liked the Tigger that moves like he does.  LOL

Although Mommom was in the hospital and we are and will always be missing our little Wyatt, Christmas was great.  Nolan's first Christmas was special and it was great to have Dad down.  The gifts were all enjoyed and our house looked like a toy store.  Fun, family, and love were the words of this week. 

Here are a few photos:

Mommy and Nolan

Nolan at Mommom's house... I had to help get her gifts wrapped because of everything going on.

Pinterest idea!

Nolan and Poppop

Nolan with Aunt Sue

"So Mommom, what do you think?"

Opening his first gift

Daddy getting shot with marshmallows

A gift in the tree for cousin Hayley

"Close your eyes and put out your hand."

Nolan and cousin Avery

"What are you looking at?  No, what are you looking at?"

"Thank you for the truck Grandpa."

"...and there's more?!"

Airplane with Daddy

Nap time with Nana

Aunt Laura and Uncle Pat reviewing the Grand kid calendars

"Oh Mom, look!"

"Show me how this works."

"Daddy, can I play it too?!"


"Give me this Tigger!!!"

Dude, talk about tall.

I would say she was surprised.

"Tools!!! Huh, what should I fix first?"

"This paper is taking over my space!"

The engaged couple

"Um guys, this package is huge!!"

"Get ready.... I'm gonna sing you a tune."

Nolan and Gramps

Ah yes... the incredibly tall snowman.

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