Thursday, July 26, 2012

Twelve Months - Happy 1st Birthday

Today was Nolan's first birthday, he is one!  I can't believe it, but a whole year has gone by since he was welcomed into the world.  My little baby is growing up and he's getting so big, but he still has that same little face that I looked into when he was placed in my arms that first day.

It was a great day today.  Nolan and I cleaned the house to get ready for his party on Sunday, we did wash, and we wrapped and put together his birthday gifts.  He was teething and getting his second bottom tooth so he was a little moody this morning, but all and all he had a great day.

I tried to wrap his big gift but he was just too into it, so I opened it and put it together for him.  He loved it.  I didn't take him outside to play with it because it was close to 100 degrees out there.  We will take it out later this week.  I was concerned that he was going to be too small for the sand/water table, but after putting it together, he was the perfect height.  He loved the box the table came in.  I was putting the table together and he was sliding down the box.  Amazing, should have just gotten him a box.  LOL

I decided to ask my mom to come for dinner for Nolan's birthday.  We had hamburger and hot dogs, opened gifts, and had cupcakes that Mommom brought.  Nolan has a homemade honey pot cake in the fridge, but that's for pictures with Aunt Heather tomorrow.  So, Mommom was thoughtful and got cupcakes!!!

I couldn't believe it, but when the gifts came out for Nolan he actually knew what to do with them.  He started pulling the tissue paper right out of the bag.  It was like he was a pro at opening gifts!  He loved his Chuck the Truck toy!!!  Daddy looked so happy while Nolan opened his truck.  We searched everywhere for the perfect truck and this was what we decided on (it wasn't exactly what Daddy wanted, so it was good to see that Nolan loved it).  He also got a VTech story book pad and a Little People farm.  

As for the cupcake, he ate two.  I should say, he played with two and fed most of them to the dogs.  He loved it!  I can't wait to see him on Sunday with his cake.

Here are photos from the day:

Birthday morning.... yikes he spotted it before I could wrap it... 

"Mom!  Look at me, I'm sitting on the table!"

"A boat!!"

And I thought he was going to be too small for it.

"Sliding down the box while Mommy was putting together the table.

"Here boat, you take a turn down the slide."  (and why didn't we buy him a sliding board?)


Frozen wash cloth??  It worked.

"For me?!"  He knew just what to do.

"There's something in there"

"Wait, let get in the and show you"


"You're taking it out?"

"Oh what is it?!"

"This truck talks!!!"

"And it moves"

"What's this stuff?"

"It's strange!"


"I can open my gifts, thanks!"

"What's this.... a farm."

"Let me get it"

"Mommy, see it makes noises"

"Another present"

"What does this do?"

"Hurry and open it Mommy"

"Oh...  that's neat"

Singing Happy Birthday

Holding his farm animal while eating his cupcake

Cupcake number two

"Here Mommom, I will share"


"It's raining on my birthday?!!"  
Yes, there was a terrible storm that came at the end of the night.  Severe storms for several parts of our area.  But it left as quickly as it came, thank goodness.

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Happy Birthday Nolan !!!
Great pics.