Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fifty and Fifty-One weeks

Yep, did it again.  Totally missed a whole week.  Well to be honest, I didn't miss it, I was busy living life and had no time for the computer.  We did some much the last two weeks and Nolan is no longer a baby, he is officially a toddler.

I remember reading a post on FB of someone asking when a child is considered to be a toddler.  In recalling the comments, one still lingers in my mind.  It said, "When the child has a neck."  I found it odd at the time, but in the past two weeks I have come to realize the statement is true.  Nolan has gone from a baby to a toddler in a blink of an eye.  It was like he started pulling himself up, standing, and walking while holding onto  things and then BOOM.... he is now a toddler.  I looked at him last night and thought about the comment from FB about the neck.  I realized that his neck was very defined and that my little baby had officially become a toddler.  SNIFFLE...

Yes, so much has been done in the past two weeks.  The fourth of July, Uncle Ryan is home from training for a two week leave, a trip to the beach, a birthday party that was so much fun, and the planning of Nolan's first birthday celebration.  Additionally, we have had two trips to the ER (one for Nolan and one for Mommy), two bottom teeth are coming through, and we discovered that Nolan loves to jump the waves.  LOL

Oh and how can I forget, Nolan is now standing on his own.  Like not holding anything.  He can't stand for long, but he does do it.  No first steps yet, but he is almost there.  He is getting really good at crawling up steps.  Thankfully we don't have any in our home but other homes that we visit frequently do.  He is good going up, but he can't get down them (my biggest fear).

Nolan is basically eating everything.  While at the beach he ate what we ate.  Grotto's pizza, pulled pork, chicken nuggets.... he loved it all.  Oh and might I add, he enjoyed ice cream at the beach twice.  The kid packed away breakfast.  He would eat his baby food and cereal, plus eggs, ham, and hash browns.  Yes, the kid can eat.

He enjoyed walking the boardwalk and the beach.  Nolan rode this little train at the arcade and loved it, he continued to want to ride it time after time.  The beach was just so much fun with Nolan there.  My days of sitting and reading a book no longer exist, but playing in the sand and digging holes have replaced them.

Since so much happened in two weeks, I will just go ahead and post the pictures:

"Get Freedom?"

Happy 4th of July

Daddy and Nolan 

Silly boy

The whiney cry

First time with his own ice pop

Yes, it was on the ground in no time

Second ice pop.... still on the ground

He settled for the stick

"Daddy, I can drive it myself!"

First time at Grotto's

"Um, I am not eating that stuff!!" 
What a stinker

"See my silly face?"

"Any thing to get to Gabba"

First time on train

"What is this?"

Beach baby


Jumping the waves

"The beach is AWESOME"

Sitting in his own chair

Love him

"This cone rocks!"

Junior firefighter

Visiting the fire station

"Here birdies.... eat some animal crackers"

"Here you go"

The crackers were gone

Playing with Daddy in the waves

Mommy and Nolan

"Are you really going to leave me like this?"

Eating hush puppies

He loved it!!!

"I'm a cool dude"

Free spin.. and he won a prize!

Best game ever

My little ticket hunk!

Yay!!!  Daddy finally came to the beach

These kites are cool

"Stop girls... now come this way."  LOL

Beach 2012

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