Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forty-nine weeks

I can't believe that in only a few weeks my little baby will be a year old.  Man this year flew by.  What started with an extended maternity leave, kidney stones, and a tube in my back has turned out to be a blessing.  Laid off from work, enjoyed a full 366 days (leap year folks) minus 3 weeks of return to work all with my son, and spent every waking moment watching him grow.  How can life be better?

This past week was spent selling items on a new site that I found on the Internet, cleaning, getting ready for the beach, teething (yep two more came through and another on its way), standing up on everything, pulling things from tables, FINALLY crawling on all fours, clapping, and yes crawling up the steps.  Nolan still isn't walking, which is fine with me.  But he has just started moving from one object to the next without sitting.  He  enjoys the bay window mainly because of the knobs for the windows.  He loves the pool.  Talk about a water bug, yep that's our Nolan.  We spent an evening this week swimming with Daddy.  The bugs were horrible... Mommy AND Daddy were freaking out over them.  We even had Mommom over for dinner one night this week.  It was great, we ate outside on the patio and Nolan enjoyed watching the trucks go by.

Nolan had is first ice cream cone this week.  I had been wanting to take him and we finally went.  Of course he didn't get is own cone, he would have never eaten all of it, but he did share mine and he loved it.  He face was priceless when the lady handed me the cone filled with ice cream.  If only I could have captured it on camera while holding him and the ice cream.  Amazing moment.

Well, here are some of the pictures from the week:

11 months old and helping Mommy organize for Little Sprouts

"This horse is NUTS!"

Waiting for Daddy to come inside

"Look Daddy, I learned to clap today!"

"I showed him Mom, okay?!"

So sleepy

Someone can now reach the remote on the table

"She gave me the whole thing!"

First time eating an ice cream cone

Watching the horse and bug going by

"Ice cream.... delicious!"

"Gone?!  What!!!"

"Yes, I get the cone too!"

Perfect pool day

"Are you taking my picture again???"

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