Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fifty-two weeks

I just can't believe it.... fifty-two weeks.  My baby is a year old and the time went just way too fast.  This past week we spent getting back into our routine since we were at the beach and sick the past two weeks. We also did a lot of party planning.  Almost everything is complete, the house is cleaned, and we are 80% ready for the BIG party on Sunday.

Uncle Ryan was home from the service for two weeks and this past weekend we had crabs with him.  It was good to see him since we hadn't in awhile.  We also had cousin Avery's birthday and baptism this past weekend, so Nolan got to play with some of his cousins.

Nolan is now climbing on everything.  He has gotten himself totally inside the dryer while I am folding wash.  He gets into the cabinets (I know, I need to put the locks on them).  His favorite... the bathroom cabinets.  He gets into the trash bags and the pads, all while he thinks it is just so funny.  He has a thing with my bras also.  He carried them around all week, from room to room, it was actually pretty sad.  His second bottom tooth is starting to come through also, the bottom left.  Poor guy, you can tell this one really hurts him.  He now has both top teeth and almost both bottom.  His hair is really growing in the back, but not so much on the top of his head.  (Just like his Daddy on that one)

Oh, and how can I forget, the kid now sits on the door of the dishwasher.  Scary, yes.... but he thinks it is so much fun.  He fell down the steps again on Tuesday.  I had a gate up so he wouldn't fall down the steps to the basement, but I forgot he had learned to climb up the step to upstairs.  While cleaning the bathroom I realized it was silent, which means someone is up to no good.  I turned and looked and he had climbed up to the landing.  When I gasped, he fell.  Then we come home and he falls off the recliner.  Poor kid, it just wasn't his day.  Luckily he wasn't hurt in either fall.

Well, here are some pictures from the week:

Bath time

Standing on his own and not too wobbly


Aunt Heather

"Oh, so you are my Uncle Ryan!"

Sliding with Grandpa


"Here ya go Shelby"

"Cheese!!!!"  (He now poses for pictures)

Loving his speghetti

"I made a mess Daddy!"

"Daddy, you can't hide, I see you!"

"New shoes??"

"They feel okay!"

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Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Nolan... he is just to darn cute and getting so big