Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thirty-three weeks

Wow, what a week.  Talk about gorgeous weather, yep I am in love!  This winter has been strange with snow in October and then nothing but a few flakes here and there since.  Now the weather is getting warmer, to the point that we are wearing short sleeves already.... and it is only March.  I would have enjoyed one big snow storm this year, but you know with weather that gets me to the park everyday, I am not complaining.

After cleaning on Tuesday and spending much of the day in the house, we spent several days outside the rest of the week.  We had dinner with Mommom on Friday and saw many of the same people we normally see at Friday dinners.  Sunday was spent with Aunt Heather, Uncle Ryan, and Mommom.  Heather decided to do a BBQ so we went there for food and drinks.  Nolan had fun and even had someone to play with, see photos below. 

I spent a lot of the week tweaking some things for Wyatt's Wishes and redoing parts of our FB page and blog.  I spent some time searching for another job (no luck with that) and trying out some new recipes (thank you Pinterest!).

Nolan now moves through the house pretty well.  He is getting into everything and loving every moment of it.  He does his hand gestures more frequently now and twiddles his thumbs a lot.  He has realizes that doors open and close and he has about 12 bumps on his head because of it.  He seriously talks to the dogs, I swear he talks to them.  The sounds are the same every time.  He also is saying Mama pretty darn good these days.  He is now crying when new people are around to the point I think it offends them.  My sister came over on Friday and Nolan was in his highchair.  All she did was talk to him and the tears started.  Yes, I know.... he is by far a Momma's boy.  It's okay, I love it. 

Well, here are a few pictures from the week:

"I'll get you Cody!"

"Yes, I am a miracle!"

Sleepy time

Love those lips!

"Look at me!!"

Helping Mama with the wash

New finger foods

"Now I have the power!"

Mommy and Nolan

Did someone say GREEN?!

Um, yes... he already knows what it is!

"Hey baby!"  LOL

Get Aunt Heather... LOL

Hand gesture!  "Hey look, I have a hand!"

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