Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thirty-four weeks...

Yes, I know, it's late again.  But hey, that is the story of my life right now.  I honestly think (when I lay in bed trying to find sleep, cause that is the only time I have to think) about how I am so lucky to have been laid off.  Why you ask, because I seriously would have gone insane if I had to work full time and do everything that I have been doing.  My house would be in shambles, my bills would be late (every single month) or I would double pay something, and my dogs would be skin and bones because I would forget to feed them.  I officially can say that I give single mamas a lot of credit.... and I only have one. 

This week was so hectic.  We cleaned two homes (other than ours), had two doctor's appointments for Mommy, went to the park several times, dinner with Mommom which is now an every Friday night thing, celebrated Mommom's birthday with a crab dinner at Aunt Heather's, and celebrated St. Patty's Day.  Lots going on, but lots of fun. 

Nolan is definitely on the move and he is into everything.  He plays with his toys but would much rather something that he isn't supposed to have, anything, as long as it isn't his.  His hair is crazy with his little piece standing up on the top, it's sooo cute though.  He sat in a big boy cart for the first time this week when we went to Lowes to get potting soil.  He was a bit unsteady but he did great!  He also sat in the big boy high chair while we were out for the the first time.  We went to get pizza and they brought out this old antique looking thing.  I put the cover on it and he did great.  It had a metal tray that he loved.  Nolan also got the enjoy swinging in his new swing for the first time this week.  I know crazy, right.  Swinging in March in PA?  Well, the weather was incredible.  He also used a sippy cup for the first time.  He knows what to do with it but he doesn't really drink from it. 

I also gave him a cup to play with at Umpa's house to keep him occupied.  He no sooner had the cup and he was trying to drink from it.  I don't understand how he knew what it was for, but he know he was to drink from it and put it to his mouth... the right way.  So cute.

Here are some pictures:

In memory of big brother Wyatt... we love you

First time in his swing

"Weeee, this is awesome Mom and Dad!"

Mommy's handsome little man

First time with his sippy

"Happy birthday Mommom!"

"Please, enough with the camera..."

"Now this is something different."

"Hey Aunt Heather, follow me... "

"Are you still behind me?"

"Kiss me... I'm Irish"

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