Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thirty-one weeks

Holy moly... I missed a whole week and didn't realize it until just a few days ago, so this post will definitely be late.

Thirty-one weeks and still I shake my head at where the time has gone.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I had some major stones and I was praying little Nolan was arrive soon. 

Well, since this is a week late, what did we do.... I started getting into sewing these new taggie blankets for my ETSY shop.  They are really turning out nice.  Nolan and I had a lot of time together and we went to the park a few days.  The weather was a bit cooler but still not winter-like. 

Nolan is really get the hang of moving.  He gets himself to were he wants to be in a matter of a few blinks of an eye now.  He still does the military crawl but he is getting much better at it. 

He loves his baths still, something I don't think he is going to grow out of just yet.

Due to a bit of "binding", we had to try prunes this week.  OMG, he loved them.  He ate the entire container!

Here are some photos:

"Yep, Mommy makes awesome taggies!"

"I see you!"

"Hold up, what?!"

"Mommy's prince charming"

"Oh, Mommy..."

Playing in the bath

"This is my kitchen, now if it would only make real food."

My fort!

Such a silly little man!

Seven months

"Mommy gave me prunes.  I liked them and acted like they were chocolate."

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