Monday, June 18, 2012

Forty-six weeks

This week was yet another fast a busy week.  Mine and Wyatt's birthday was this week and it was the first time in three years I celebrated my birthday without being in the hospital.  We went out to eat with Mommom several times this week too.

Nolan's second top tooth is starting to push through.  Talk about a not so happy little boy.  Thursday night Nolan felt warmer than normal but I didn't give it much thought since he was in a blanket.  On Friday morning he still felt warm but it didn't alarm me.  I continued to take his temperature and the thermometer kept showing between 97.4 and 98.0 under his arm.  Finally after dinner I took his temperature rectally and it came back at 101.2, yikes.  After calling the doctor's office and waiting over an hour for a return call, they said pump fluids and keep an eye on him while giving Tylenol or Advil.  After a dose of Advil, Nolan's temperature on Saturday morning was still a bit elevated at 100.3 but nothing huge.  I called the doctor's office again and the nurse said if no other symptoms just to watch him.  By Saturday night Nolan had a rash over his back and on his arms.  It didn't look too bad so again I just watched it.  Sunday, same rash but it didn't get worse.  After looking it up on the Internet I concluded Nolan had Roseloa.  By Monday the rash was gone.

On Monday we went to the Herr's Zoo Day.  We were seriously there for about 20 minutes.  To sum it up, lots of kids but hardly any animals.  So not worth the time but hey it was free.  Aunt Heather went with us and took a few photos.

Nolan finally got to get into the big pool for the first time.  He didn't like it at first, I think it scared him a bit.  But after realizing that I wasn't going anywhere, he did just fine.  He liked his little float and sat in it for about 20 minutes.  Mommom came over on the weekend and played with Nolan in the pool also.  It was very sunny and even with sunscreen reapplied several times Nolan got a little sun burn.  OUCH.

Here are a few photos:

"I've got the power!"

Cutie Patootie and his tooth!

Puzzled much?!

"Now this is awesome!"

"Sheesh, I've got to dress myself?!"

First time in the big pool

"Why does she have to be in this picture?"

The pool life!

"Mommy, is that a big dog?"


Nolan after a long day

"This lady is nuts, is she really my mom?"

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Caroline said...

Looks like so much fun , growing so fast. Yay for getting better. Yay for not being in the hospital on your birthday. :)