Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a Week?!

This week was a mess, a totally huge mess. 

Monday was June 6, which is mine and Wyatt's birthdays.  The day started off great, with minor pains but for the most part great.  I went shopping with my mom and out to lunch.  After spending all of my birthday money on new maternity clothes and a bathing suit, we returned home.  My back was killing me, but I assumed it was just from walking so much.

After dozing off on my mom's couch, I immediately awoke to a sharp pain in my right side.  This was the second time in two days I had experienced this pain, so I knew what it was.... a kidney stone.  Thankfully, Brian was already at my mom's working on her pool.  He went to pick up some pain medicine but it didn't work. 

We decided to head to the ER.  Upon arrival, the lady asked for my name and date of birth.  She realized that my date of birth was that same day.  Then she asked if this was my first pregnancy, I responded with "no, we lost our first son on this day last year."  At that moment, I think I had captured the attention of everyone in the ER. 

I was taken back quickly, seen by a doctor, and received some pain medication.  It wasn't enough.  I was sick, so sick and screaming in pain.  Though I gave birth to Wyatt, I received so many drugs that the pain was hardly there, so I don't really know what labor is like.  I can say though, I believe kidney stones are worse than labor.  After getting sick several times and finally being admitted and moved to my own room, I had another two attacks.  One was so bad they sent in two nurses, one to help me get sick and the other to hold the oxygen on my nose so I could breathe.  Yea, it was bad.

Tuesday, I received some relief.  The urology team decided that I either needed a stent or a nephrostomy tube.  Because I have had both in the past, I thought the nephrostomy tube would be more comfortable while carry a five pound baby, so I selected that option. 

Little did I realize, that I would not be able to swim all summer.  So much for that beautiful pool that sits in my yard, for the second year.  Yep, I have to keep this tube in until two weeks after Nolan is born.  Two weeks.  That is nine more weeks of this horrible tube. 

Well, I was released from the hospital on Wednesday.  It has been a rough week, a week of back pain, side pain, and well just PAIN.  I forgot to add, that I struggle to find something to wear also, since the tube is always in the way. 

Though the week has been tough, it is ending great.  Today is Nolan's baby shower, something that we never made it to with Wyatt.  Hopefully the weather holds out and the pain stays away until after. 

I am so excited for Nolan's shower.  I can't wait to see all of his things and get them in his room.  Just one more step closer to Nolan's arrival and us bringing him home!!

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