Monday, June 27, 2011

Hospital, AGAIN!

Yes, yet again I managed to make my way back into the hospital while pregnant with our little gift.  This time I had pain in my back and lots of blood in my urine (from the bad kidney).  I spent Saturday in the hospital AGAIN!

Doctors kept saying it was because the stone was moving, so much for doctors knowing what they are talking about.  After four days of "playing" with the pain, I finally decided it was time to go to the ER.  Soon after arriving, I was told I had a kidney infection from the nephrostomy tube.  Go figure!!!

After an IV of medication and about an hour in Labor and Delivery, I was released with additional antibiotics, something I asked for before I left the hospital on 6/8. 

So, I now have hardly any back pain, no blood in my urine, and I can finally move around and act as much like myself as possible with a plastic tube in my back. 

Praying that will be the last visit to the hospital until Nolan arrives.  So far this little guy has dealt with a hospital visit at 6 weeks gestation when I had pleurisy. That resulted in a CT scan.  Then the kidney stones at 32 weeks gestation.  And lastly (hopefully), this last visit at 34 weeks gestation for a kidney infection.  Through all of them though, Nolan hasn't allowed anything to effect him. 

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Holly said...

Hopefully no more visits til it's time to have him!